Just Enough to Get By

I watched Saturday night as Floyd Mayweather, an admittedly gifted fighter, did just enough to win his fight.  At fight’s end, after being declared the winner, he was greeted with a chorus of boos. Most in the crowd knew he had phoned it in and hadn’t given his best. He’ll receive close to $200 million for his mediocre effort and nearly everyone will hail him as the greatest of all time.  I disagree.  As a fight fan, I expect both combatants to be physically and mentally drained at the end, having left everything in the ring.  The same principle applies to our chosen paths in life.

Just like we expect gifted athletes to leave it all on the field, we should demand no less of ourselves.  Our chosen endeavors should be labors of love and jobs that we are willing to dedicate our lives to.  Our chosen endeavors may not be in sync with our present vocations, and many of us, including me, struggle daily to reconcile the fleeting security of a “real job” as juxtaposed against what we feel in our hearts we should be doing.  I know that my calling to end abortion is something that can’t be phoned in.  I know I can’t do just enough to get by and hope to achieve my goal of every new life being allowed to run its universally unique course.

I search daily for a sign that I should take a leap of faith and dedicate my life full-time to the task I know in my heart I am here to do. I wonder if the signs are all around me and I just don’t see them.  The winner of Saturday night’s fight, whether he admits it or not, knows that he is not fully expressing the unique gifts he has been given.  Deep inside he knows the fruits of his labors could be used to benefit his fellow man and that he could turn his life around and use his fame and resources to become a role model for millions of children.

Be it on a small scale, or massive worldwide change, we all have within us the ability to make the world a better place. There’s no room for excuses or half-hearted efforts when it comes to serving our fellow man.  I’m reminded on a daily basis that thousands of unborn children will be killed today and thousands more will die tomorrow if I don’t succeed in my efforts to save them.  I watch as Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards celebrates her abortion as “liberating”, and wonder how we got to this point.

In my business and personal life I’ve learned that you will never get the results you want unless you are willing to do the work that needs to be done.  I’ve also learned that the gift of life is fleeting and worth anything we may risk to protect those who can’t protect themselves.  I want the children of the world to know that I’ve got their back and that I will never do just enough to get by in my efforts to end abortion.

The Big Picture

At this stage of my life I’m looking at things in a different way than I did when I was younger.  I’ve been a fitness buff for many years, and at 61 I’m in pretty good shape.  I’m doing everything I can to delay the inevitable decline that I know is coming.  My motives are somewhat selfish.  I want to experience life with my children and grandchildren for as long as possible.  And I want to have the energy to fight the good fight as I work to end abortion.

It’s taken a large portion of my life to realize that life is not something you take for granted.  I’ve come to embrace all the positive thinking mumbo jumbo that actually makes sense when you think about it; “live for today, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, and your next heartbeat could be your last, so don’t waste it.”  I’d like to think that with age comes wisdom, and I hope that I’m not the exception to the rule.  I’ve never really participated in organized religion, but I feel closer to God than I ever have.

I was called 2 years ago to dedicate my life to ending abortion.  It’s a calling I can feel in my heart and a calling that I know was from God.  While I’m not deserving of His trust, I’m committed to answering His call and standing on the side of life for the rest of mine.  The big picture, as I see it for me, is placing the lives of innocent children above my own. It’s working to help someone every day and seeing one life saved as worthy of a lifetime’s work.  My goal is to save millions of lives, and I take it personally every day that Planned Parenthood remains in business.

We’re all included in the big picture and we’re all here at this time and this place for a reason.  As much as many of us would like to live our lives, mind our own business, and leave the hard work of changing the world to others, it’s up to each of us to do our part.  Our gift of life comes with conditions.  In exchange for the miracle of life, we are honor bound to serve our fellow man and to hold every life in reverence.  When the human condition devolves to the point that we kill one another out of intolerance and allow industries to make billions of dollars for killing our children, we have some work to do.

The dysfunction and violence that permeates our society is a clear signal that something isn’t right.  We all can see it and most of us will try to get by without doing anything to oppose evil or to right the wrongs that our inaction perpetuates.  The big picture for me involves living a life focused on honor and integrity.  It’s centered around a personal code of ethical conduct that I hold myself to, and a commitment to help anyone in need at any time.  The big picture, as I see it, is my individual perception of reality, just as the billions of other human beings inhabiting the planet earth have their own.

The big picture for me won’t be complete until I live in a world that no longer kills its children.  Until then, I will work to change the hearts and minds of my fellow human beings, one at a time if necessary, to insure that every unborn child is allowed to fully experience the miracle of life..