Letter to Hillary Clinton #1

I wrote the following letter in March of 2015 to the best liar I have ever seen. Of all the lies she has ever told, the biggest may be her statement that she wants abortion to be “safe, rare, and legal.” She knows this statement is total BS, but she also knows that most people won’t fact check her record as one of the biggest supporters of the abortion industry.

One of Ms. Clinton’s first priorities if she is elected President is to repeal the Hyde Amendment, opening up the floodgates of taxpayer money to pay for abortions.

My prediction back then that she wouldn’t run was a little off the mark. Her record as a pathological liar; however, is well documented. The last thing America needs is Hillary Clinton in the White House. The last thing America’s unborn children need is a President who is even more abortion-friendly than President Obama.

Pro Life Pop Pop

Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham Clinton

120 West 45th Street

Suite 2700

New York, N.Y.  10036

 March 7, 2015

 Ms. Clinton:

You don’t know me and probably wouldn’t want to.  I’m one of the millions of Americans who would vote against you if you ran for President in 2016.  About a year ago I predicted that you wouldn’t run, and based on your latest scandal, I’m feeling pretty confident right now.  Speaking of scandals, let’s recap some of your more infamous ones; shall we?  We have the Whitewater Real Estate swindle, Travel-Gate, the Rose Law Firm billing records, your role as the enforcer in the Clinton Bimbo Brigade while Bill was President, the Vince Foster suicide, your Universal Health Care debacle as First Lady, the Clinton Global Initiative receiving donations from foreign governments while you were Secretary of State, your incompetence, lies, and cover-up of the facts surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack…

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