One More Week

What would you do if you learned today that you had one more week to live?  No one else could know that you had just one week to establish your legacy and to finally realize what is truly important in your life.  Would you spend your last week in hedonistic pursuits or spend it in service to others?  Would you worry about that deadline at work or the co-worker that you just can’t seem to get along with?  Would you be standing in line for latest smart phone or staring at a moonlit sky in awe of an endless universe?

This morning in America the one week countdown to the end of their life is starting for the more than 20,000 unborn children who will die this week in our nation’s abortion mills.  They won’t be given notice that the end is near.  Instead, they will be ripped unceremoniously from their mothers’ wombs and discarded like so much trash.  They won’t get one final chance to make a difference in the world or to feel the loving embrace of another human being.  One more week of life for these children would give people like me one more week to convince the world that killing innocent children as a matter of convenience is not the way to go.

One more week doesn’t sound like much time, but when the end gets near what would you give for just a little bit more?  When you start the inevitable review of your life as the end grows closer, what would you give for a brief reprieve, just so you can make amends for the things you know need to be made right?  I can only imagine what goes through the mind of an abortionist as they spend their last days on earth.  Do they feel they are leaving the world a better place because they killed thousands of innocent children or do they feel a sense of impending doom as a result of the conscious decisions they made?  If I’m given the time for a life review before my time here ends, I hope I can look back and know that I made a positive difference and maybe even saved some lives.  I hope I can look back and reflect on the day our nation and the world abandoned the practice of abortion.

Maybe we should all live our lives like we have one week left.  Maybe we should all approach life with a sense of abandon and commit fully to working for the good of others and standing up for what we know in our hearts is right.  Mountains can be moved in a week and the world can change in an instant.  It’s never too late to change the course of one’s life or to finally realize the impact one life can have on the world.  Tick- tock.