Guilty as Charged #2

In a previous post I asked the following question:  If you were accused of being pro-life would there be enough evidence to convict you?  Hearsay isn’t admissible nor are opinions.  In order to be convicted there must be an undeniable chain of evidence that would lead a jury of your peers to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.  So, would you be found guilty or not?

Many of my friends and family say they are pro-life, but then qualify their position in the cases of rape, incest, and threat to the life of the mother.  From my perspective, if you are pro-life you are pro-life without exception.  And then there is my dilemma with the extremely rare cases where it is medically confirmed that carrying the child to full term presents a direct threat to the life of the mother.  Although medical advances have virtually eliminated this occurrence, I feel that, after exhausting all medical options to insure the survival of both mother and child, the decision as to what to do next is between the mother and God.

If this is construed as evidence against my pro-life stance, so be it. Does this make me a hypocrite?  I don’t know. You decide.  My belief is that every child should be given the fullest opportunity to be born and to express its God given right to life.  Most of us on the pro-life side feel that killing a child conceived through rape or incest is executing an innocent child for a crime committed by its father.  Many on my side believe that in cases where the life of the mother is in jeopardy she should turn it over to God and accept on faith whatever happens.  I think it is more complicated in these extremely rare events, and I admittedly don’t have the answers.

One life should not be considered any more priceless than another.  Should a mother be condemned for choosing her life over that of her unborn child?  Are these rare occurrences God’s teachable moments that are meant to remind us how valuable every human life is?  If I had to the answers to these questions I wouldn’t be an obscure pro-life blogger trying to save the world’s unborn.  And if the country I love wasn’t allowing over 1 million unborn children to be killed every year by Planned Parenthood and its colleagues, there would be no need for me to be an obscure pro-life blogger.

I plead guilty to being pro-life and vow to continue my crime spree in defense of life.  Should my advocacy for every child’s’ right to life subject me to scorn, ridicule, or worse I’m up for it.  In the end we are all held responsible for our actions and inaction, and I accept full responsibility for mine.


Guilty as Charged

If you were accused of being pro-life would there be enough evidence to convict you?  If you were accused of being indifferent as thousands of babies are killed every day in your country, would there be enough evidence to convict you? These are interesting questions and food for thought.  The actions we choose not to take and the words we choose not to speak often have a greater impact on the world than our conscious words and deeds.  Saying or doing nothing as our society allows its innocent children to be killed in the womb implies endorsement of the practice.  Knowing that organizations like Planned Parenthood are preying on innocent, defenseless children, and failing to protect the weakest among us, is tantamount to participating in the slaughter.

These are my opinions and mine alone, and anyone disagreeing with me is free to do so, since an undeniable tenet of being alive is the ability to exercise your free will.  The free will we all treasure is one thing a baby in the womb cannot express.  It necessarily depends entirely on others for its very existence, and will continue to do so for years after its birth; if it is allowed to be born.  When we allow an unborn child, a fellow human being, to be killed for a fee, we set into motion a series of consequences that will follow us for eternity.  When we deny that an unborn child is a living human being we deny an undeniable truth.

If we look inward, we can see the truth.  We can see a world where every human being is allowed to express their God-given right to life.  We can visualize a world that no longer kills its unborn children and a world where Planned Parenthood is a concept, not an organization that kills hundreds of thousands of children every year.  I can see a world like this in my lifetime and look forward to my grandsons growing up in such a world.  If we can imagine it we can create it.  Imagine a world where every human being serves a sentence of life.

I plead guilty as charged to anyone accusing me of being pro-life.  I will serve any sentence imposed upon me for my beliefs and will not question any evidence used against me.  I will not appeal my conviction nor will I recant my testimony on behalf of the world’s children.  I’ve gotten a lot of things wrong in my life; as a matter of fact the only thing I’m absolutely sure I’ve gotten right is my stance on the side of life.  If there are consequences attached to my beliefs, so be it.  Once again, I plead guilty as charged.