As a father and grandfather I’ve watched the country I love devolve from a place where children, from the moment of conception, were welcomed, loved, and protected, to a place where a pregnant mother can now walk into an abortion clinic at virtually any stage of her child’s development and have it legally killed.

The letters in my blog represent the actual text of letters I’ve sent to the President, various politicians, Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion mills, and other individuals associated with the killing of our unborn children.  I prefer to communicate the old-school way by sending signed original letters to make my point, in what I think is a more personal way to begin a dialogue.

I’m under no delusion that I can close the doors of America’s abortion mills single handedly and I’m quite sure that most of the letters I write will never be read by the person I send them to; and I don’t care.  If I can change the mind of the worker in the mailroom, the staff member, or administrative assistant assigned to reading letters from people like me then I can play a small part in reaching a critical mass that leads to fundamental changes in attitudes and behavior.

The American Revolution was fought by less than one third of a fledgling America’s citizens.  An infinitesimally small percentage of American citizens sent human beings to the moon and brought them back safely.  Between the House, Senate, Supreme Court, and the President 545 Americans control everything that happens in a country of over 330 million Americans.

If I can change the attitudes or beliefs of even a few people, they, in turn, can do the same, and we can literally move mountains.

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