Grandparent’s Day 2014

Without a doubt, the greatest joy in my life is being the grandparent of 2 wonderful grandsons.  My oldest grandson has had some significant challenges over the past year, and watching him struggle and overcome these challenges has been an inspiration.  My youngest grandson, born 5 weeks early, experienced and overcame his own set of challenges, spending 11 days in NICU while his tiny lungs developed to the point that he could finally go home.  Both my grandsons remind me of the fragility of human life and how quickly the things we take for granted can change.  They remind me that every life is precious and provide me the inspiration to fight for every unborn child’s Right to life.

Being a grandparent is everything I had hoped it would be and more.  I treasure the time I’m able to spend running through the grass and playing with my 3 year old.  My 1 year old is taking his first steps, and watching the look of sheer joy on his face as he teeters toward my outstretched arms is heartwarming.  I want every grandparent to experience the joy of spending time with their grandchildren.

Unfortunately, every year in America over a million opportunities to become a grandparent are denied by Planned Parenthood and our nation’s abortion industry.  They kill thousands of children every day and foster a culture of death instead of one of nurturing.  The very same people who kill children daily for money go home to their own children and grandchildren every night.  Those of us who were allowed to be born should not be deciding who gets to live and who must die.

Last night, after a fun day of running and playing, I embraced my 3 year old grandson as he lay his head on my shoulder and fell asleep.  Knowing that he fell asleep in my arms, knowing that his Pop Pop loves him beyond all measure means everything to me.  As I carried him up the stairs to his room I knew I was carrying one of God’s priceless creations and was overcome with gratitude for the privilege of having him in my life.  I tucked him safety into his bed, looking forward to all the fun days we have ahead of us, knowing that none of them are guaranteed and that all of them must be treasured.

Grandparent’s Day should be more than just a date on the calendar.  It should be a reminder to all parents and grandparents of the sacred obligation we have been entrusted with; the care and protection of our children and grandchildren.  This obligation doesn’t begin at birth.  It begins at conception.  We have a duty as the patriarchs and matriarchs of our families to instill a respect and reverence for the sanctity of every life, at every stage of life into our children and grandchildren.   Happy Grandparent’s Day!