I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago.  When I accepted my mission to end abortion I began to reflect on my life and what had led me to realize my calling.  Ever since I can remember I’ve been able to visualize vivid images of just about anything I’ve read or anything that was described to me.  I don’t claim that this is a gift or that this ability makes me special in any way, or more perceptive than anyone else.  What this ability has done is allow me to see the horror and brutality of abortion and to steel my resolve to do everything in my power to end it.

Virtually every day something occurs in my life to reinforce my decision to spend the rest of my life in defense of every child’s right to life.  A couple days ago, a chance meeting with a business associate who also happens to be a pastor, led to an enlightening conversation on the privilege of being able to serve others.  He recounted how a series of seemingly unconnected events led to him becoming a pastor and called him to serve those that many consider to be society’s throwaways, the inmates in our jails and prisons.  I described for him the haunting visions I have and the burning desire in my heart to protect children.  I asked him if what I feel is a calling and he gave the answer I needed at just the right time.

Minutes before this meeting I had driven past my local Planned Parenthood clinic and was disturbed to see the full parking lot in front of it.  I walked into my office wondering if anything I do will ever play a part in ending the practice of abortion, and in walks a man of God with all the answers I needed right when I needed them.  Things like this, that I used to call coincidences, seem to be occurring on a more frequent basis in my life.  I take them as signs that I should keep doing what I’m doing, and since I have no way to measure the results of what I do, I’m happy to receive any signs of encouragement I can.

For the past several years I’ve driven past pro-life billboards, experienced pop-up adds on my computer from Planned Parenthood, and had countless conversations with people on both sides of the abortion debate.  Looking back, I can see that none of these experiences were random events and that all of them were exquisitely timed to enter my life at the exact time I needed them.  These experiences have convinced me that we are all connected at a level that I don’t claim to understand.

Just like my life nor any other life was created by random chance, our individual journeys are given all the guideposts we need to serve our fellow man and to leave our unique impression on the world.  All we have to do is find our purpose and follow the signs.