Safe, Rare, and Legal = B.S.

Congress recently voted to keep taxpayer dollars flowing to Planned Parenthood, and by doing so they cast a vote for infanticide.  When it comes to saving the lives of innocent children there is no gray area.  Pro-life means you are “all in” for life.  Pro-choice means you don’t care enough to take a principled stand on either side.  And voting to fund the world’s largest abortion provider means you place politics and your own interests over saving the lives of millions of unborn children.

I have zero tolerance for hypocrisy.  I see a political hack like Nancy Pelosi claiming to be a devout Catholic while she says ” abortion is a sacred right.”  She doesn’t have a problem accepting Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award and doesn’t have a problem with them killing another child every 90 seconds.  I see Hillary Clinton and her fellow leftists claiming that abortion should be safe, rare, and legal while Planned Parenthood stuffs money into their campaign coffers.

The safe, rare, and legal default of the pro-abortion side is patently riddled with inaccuracies, or B.S. as I prefer to call it.  A procedure specifically designed to kill a human being cannot be considered safe.  A procedure that is performed over a million times every year is not rare.  And a law that flies in the face of our most important founding principle is fundamentally and fatally flawed.

The abortion question used to be used by the left leaning media as the gotcha question for Republican candidates. They would structure the question in a manner that would place the candidate in an impossible position where no matter how well the question was answered it could be reported out of context.   Now that Planned Parenthood has finally been exposed as the evil empire those on my side have known about for decades, the abortion gotcha doesn’t carry the weight it once did.   As a matter of fact, the press is going to great lengths to avoid the issue of abortion this time around.

Safe, rare, and legal are empty words when used to describe abortion.  They are nothing more than a focus group tested phrase designed to make the murder for profit of over a million unborn children every year sound warm and fuzzy.  When a politician utters the words safe, rare, and legal their low information constituency thinks they actually give a damn about the inviolable right to life of every unborn child.  Safe, rare, and legal falls into the same category as “let me be clear” and “at the end of the day.”  Anything a politician says after one of these phrases is almost always a steaming pile of B.S.

Hillary Clinton says she stands firmly behind Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood’s death spiral into irrelevance has begun.  Let’s hope that Hillary’s political ambitions follow the same path.  Let’s hope that the next time we hear her say the words safe, rare, and legal she is describing the frequency and circumstances of Bill’s latest dalliance.