The End of Abortion #2

Every 4 years the Presidential candidates on the Republican side are ambushed by the left-leaning media with the abortion question.  They’re asked why a woman shouldn’t have the right to have her unborn child killed at any time prior to birth and asked to explain why there shouldn’t be exceptions to any laws restricting abortion.  Every time, they box the candidate into a corner where any answer they give is construed and reported as a war on women.  These questions are asked for one reason only; to score a gotcha.  The Democrats are always given a pass and never asked the tough questions.  They dutifully trot out, kiss the ring of the pro-abortion lobby, and quote the standard liberal talking point that abortion should be “safe, rare, and legal.”  No one believes it but it gets them through the abortion gauntlet and they move on.

This time around it’s not working out the way it always has in the past..  When asked about his position on restrictions to abortion without exception, Rand Paul threw it back to them.  He told them to ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she is ok with  killing a 7 pound baby in the womb because it has yet to be born.  The utterly clueless Schultz has been sputtering and stammering all week and, so far, has not answered the question.  I have a couple questions for Congresswoman Schultz: When does life begin?  Does life spontaneously erupt seconds before a child is born or is an unborn child a living human being from the moment of conception?

Schultz and her cohorts on the pro-abortion side would have you believe that the abortion debate is centered around the question of viability outside the womb and a woman’s so-called right to decide whether her unborn child should live or die.  They studiously avoid the question of when life begins and continue to ignore the fact that an unborn child is a unique and separate living human being, living inside its mother’s body.  When pressed on abortion, they invariably revert back to Roe v Wade and try to justify the killing of millions of children on the back of a flawed Supreme Court ruling.

Whether a child has developed to the point that it can survive outside the womb has no bearing on the fact that it is alive.  Just like an unborn child, anyone undergoing major surgery is kept alive by independent support systems during the procedure.  They’re still alive.  They just need a little help, just like an unborn child.  Tying your position on abortion  to viability outside the womb is a constantly moving target.  Children who would not survive outside the womb 10 years ago, now routinely survive.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s side needs to step into the 21st century.  They all need to grow a spine and to stand on the side of life.  They need to accept the reality that life is a divinely endowed right and that this right is not conditioned on the stage of development of any human being.  As long as blithering idiots like Debbie Wasserman Schultz infest the halls of Congress, meaningful legislation to ban the killing of unborn children will not happen on the Federal level.  Abortion will be brought to an end by the States, and many are hard at work right now working on the side of life.  In the end, the killing of our children by a blood-thirsty abortion industry will only stop when we, as individuals, embrace the sanctity of every human life and collectively commit to protecting every human being from the moment of conception.

The End of Abortion

Like many Americans, I was disappointed this week when a handful of its Members temporarily delayed the House’s vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  The delay wasn’t based on principled objections to any of the bill’s provisions.  It was no more than a CYA political move by individuals more concerned with getting reelected than saving innocent children.  House leadership assures us that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be voted on and passed in very short order.  I’ll take them at their word, and trust but verify.

I’m convinced more every day that the end of abortion will not be brought about by legislation, but by a change in the hearts and minds of my fellow human beings.  As parents, grandparents, and mentors, we are on the front lines in the battle to end the elective killing of our unborn children.  It’s up to us to instill within all those in our sphere of influence the values that hold the right to life as the most priceless gift in the universe.  It’s our job to remind our fellow human beings that the same God that created the infinite universe, with countless stars, planets, and galaxies, still knows each of us by name and grants each of us the gift of life for a reason.  As I’ve written on previous occasions, I don’t claim to know His reasons for granting every life, but I accept on faith that every time He grants the gift of life He does so with the intent that it be held as equal in value to every other life He has ever created.

Science has irrefutably proven that life begins at conception, so arguing among ourselves as to when it should be legal to abort an unborn child is illogical.  Conferring legal status to the killing of another human being, whatever its stage of development, does nothing to void the moral obligation we all have to protect every human life.  Abortion giants like Planned Parenthood will cease to exist as soon as there is no longer a demand for their deadly services.  And the demand for abortion will exist no matter how many bills are passed, if we fail as a society to reaffirm the sanctity of every human life.  We will also set ourselves up for failure if we underestimate the money and influence wielded by the abortion industry.  They won’t give up the billions they make by killing our children without a fight.

Like a tourniquet temporarily staunches the flow of blood until a more permanent fix can be implemented, the repeal of Roe v Wade and the passing of bills placing restrictions on abortion will do much to stop the bleeding in the short term.  The only permanent solution will come from a reassessment of our core values, universal acceptance of every human being’s basic right to life, and the willingness of all of us to serve and protect our fellow man.