Follow the Breadcrumbs

It seems like every time I start to get discouraged in my fight to save the world’s unborn children something will happen to remind me that failure isn’t an option and that I have to stay the course.  At this stage of my life I pay attention to the small things that I wouldn’t have noticed just a few years ago.  Last weekend I wasn’t able to spend the time I had hoped to spend writing and researching for my blog.  I was sure that when I checked my viewer statistics today my page views would be down.  Much to my surprise, my blog had more page views last weekend than it ever has.  I’ll take that as a sign to keep up the fight.

I can see the end of my normal work routine in the near future and look forward to “retirement” when I can dedicate my efforts full-time to ending abortion and working for other worthy causes.  I look forward to watching my grandsons grow up and playing a part in teaching them the values of honor and integrity, and respecting every human beings’ right to life.

As I enter this part of my life I do so with hope and optimism.  I’m ready for the fight of my life for the Right to life for every child.  I’m fascinated daily by random conversations and subtle signs that reinforce to me that what I am trying to do will make a difference.  I call them breadcrumbs, marking the way to my final destination.  The subtle signs that get my attention can be as subtle as a pleasant word from a total stranger or the beautiful sight of countless stars in a clear night sky.

Watching my grandsons as they play and feeling their unconditional love when I am in their presence is one of my greatest motivations.  I want everyone to feel the same thing I feel when I’m with the children of my children.  I want every child to grow up happy, healthy, and safe.  The greatest honor and heaviest responsibility of my life is knowing that my children and grandchildren know they are safe when I am with them.  I know that they know I would die willingly to prevent either of them from being harmed.  We should all have the same attitude when it comes to children.  We all have a sacred duty to protect every child from harm and to intervene when any child is being harmed, under any circumstances and regardless of any risk of harm we may face by doing so.

Life leaves all of us our universally unique trail of breadcrumbs.  All we need to do is recognize them for what they are, and to act upon what they are telling us.  If we’ll all just be quiet and listen, we’ll find our purpose.  Mine is saving children.  Yours could be anything.  If it’s serves humanity while harming no one, it is worthy of all the effort you can muster.