The abortion industry’s money line is “A woman’s right to choose.” What they don’t have the courage to include in their catchy little phrase is what they feel a woman has the right to choose; that being to choose to have her unborn child killed; for a reasonable fee, of course.  In what school of rational thought should a woman, a mother, have the right to choose to have her unborn baby killed?  Universally accepted principles of human behavior are unwavering in the position that killing an innocent human being is immoral and contrary to the rational conduct of human interaction and familial discourse.  To be clear; it’s wrong and should never be done.  The abortion industry’s rebuttal is always that they are performing abortions that are legal and within the framework of our current laws.  The same justifications were used by the brutal murderers in Nazi Germany’s concentration camps when they said they were just following orders.  Laws or no laws, orders or no orders, human beings instinctively know that killing another human being is wrong.


If a mother has the right to choose to have her unborn child killed does the father of the child have the same right?  Does the unborn child’s right to life trump the mother’s choice to have it killed?  Since the right to life is granted exclusively by God, denial of that right or ending an innocent life is against the wishes of the Grantor of life and thereby engenders all the consequences associated with such behavior.   Any intentional choice to end the divinely ordained natural course of any life at any point from conception to natural death is a violation of Natural Law.


If a woman has the right to choose to have her child killed, when does that right expire; when the unborn child is capable of living outside the womb, moments before birth, moments after birth, or at any stage of the child’s life?  Should a mother have the right to choose to have her unborn child killed even though it has reached the stage in its development where it can feel the pain of being killed?  Should a woman choosing to have an abortion be required to view the end result of the procedure; that being her innocent, dead child?


Every life is filled with choices; we all make them every day; some good, some bad, some that we all would like to take back.  Most of the choices we make in life can be undone.  Choosing to end a human life is not one of them.  When a woman chooses to have an abortion and follows through with her choice a child will die and will be dead forever.  The precursor to nearly all situations where a woman chooses to have an abortion was another choice by the woman to engage in behavior that could manifest as a pregnancy.  When a pregnancy occurs as a result of rape or incest a woman’s choices, admittedly, become more difficult.  She can choose to carry the child to term and accept it into her family or allow a loving family to adopt it.  I acknowledge that this course of action is courageous and requires faith on the part of the mother that the baby she is carrying was granted the gift of life for a reason we may not be able to comprehend but nonetheless, for a reason our Creator deemed fit.  She could also choose to have an abortion; in essence executing an innocent child for a crime its father committed.


The rallying cry of the abortion industry and the pro-abortion crowd is that a woman’s right to choose to have her child killed must be protected because of the need for abortion due to rape, incest, or threat to the life of the mother.  What they fail to divulge is that these 3 categories represent considerably less than 1% of all abortions performed.  They also fail to divulge that modern medical science has virtually eliminated the possibility that carrying a baby to full-term will pose an imminent threat to the life of the mother.   So, following the abortion industry’s convoluted rationalizations, are over 99% of abortions unwarranted?


A woman has the right to choose many things, among those to love and protect her child above all else, to choose to advocate a pro-life agenda, and to choose to carry her child to birth. The choices we make in life are inextricably tied to the consequences of those same choices.  They are not mutually exclusive and the consequences of every choice we make will surely follow.  I choose to promote life and gladly accept the consequences of my actions.