Defund Planned Parenthood

For years now, I’ve been asking our elected leaders to defund the world’s largest abortion provider.  The American taxpayers are forced to provide over $500 million to Planned Parenthood every year.  By doing so, we support an organization that kills another child every minute and a half.  Recent videos have revealed the depth of depravity to which Planned Parenthood is willing to go; harvesting and selling the body parts of the children they kill.  Margaret Sanger Award recipient, Hillary Clinton is predictably coming to their defense, dusting off her “war on women” mantra.

Standing up for an innocent child’s right to life is not a war on women, and refusing to fund an organization that kills over 300,000 unborn children every year isn’t either.  Yesterday, a move in the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood was defeated.  I see this as a temporary setback and a gauge of Planned Parenthood’s influence among the political class.  This time last year I was being called crazy for predicting that we would defund the most evil business venture in the world.  Now, the real possibility of defunding legislation making it to the President’s desk is in sight.  The President will veto it, but Planned Parenthood will be mortally wounded.

I take no pleasure in saying that I enjoy seeing the desperation in the eyes of Planned Parenthood’s big shots as they try to spin the recent revelations of their utter inhumanity.  I dream of seeing Planned Parenthood’s doors close for the last time and I can see their demise in the near future.  Unlike the innocent children that they kill by the thousands, Planned Parenthood will go down fighting.  They make billions killing babies and they can buy the best lawyers, judges, and politicians.  They’ve proven that they will resort to anything to insure their own survival; just like they will resort to anything to kill children and sell their body parts.

Since 1973 the abortion industry has thrived under a veil of secrecy.  They knew it couldn’t last, but they hoped it would.  We are approaching a critical mass where the visual evidence of an industry of death will result in its undoing. Killing children for money is a bloody business.  Disposing of the dead bodies of over 3,000 innocent children every day can’t be done delicately.  Trying to convince a civilized society that a child in the womb is not a living human being is a no win venture.

Planned Parenthood is a wart on the nose of humanity.  Just like a wart, it must be excised and unceremoniously disposed of.   America is waking up to the holocaust unleashed by Roe v Wade, and the nightmare won’t end until Planned Parenthood is no more.