Grat-i-tude: thankful, a feeling of thankful appreciation for favors received; thankfulness

Every time I see a happy child I’m grateful that they made the cut.  Nearly 1 out of 3 unborn children in America won’t make the cut this year. They’ll die die at the hands of Planned Parenthood or one of many other organizations in the business of killing children for money.  Try as I might, I can’t visualize a positive outcome for a society that allows its unborn children to be legally killed.  My children and grandchildren will see the effects of our country’s sanctioned infanticide.  My children will work with and be neighbors of people who are dead inside after having had their child killed as a matter of convenience.  My grandsons may never get to meet the best friend they would have ever known.

No one knows what the unintended consequences of allowing the killing of millions of our fellow human beings will bring.  In January of 1973, with Roe v Wade, a plague descended upon America and has killed 56 million children to date.  If these children were murdered in their schools or on their playgrounds their would be collective outrage in the greatest country the world has ever known, and we would be moving heaven and earth to stop the killing and bring their killers to justice.   In today’s America, Planned Parenthood and its competitors openly advertise their abortion services   They fight to be able to kill any child right up to the moment of its birth.   Our President praises their efforts and endorses their business model of killing children on demand, for a fee.

I’m grateful for the opportunity I have been given to advocate for every child’s’ Right to life.   I’m grateful that my family and friends don’t label me as an obsessive crackpot, at least not to my face, because I spend most of my time writing on behalf of the pro-life movement.  I’m grateful that millions of my fellow Americans support every child’s Right to live and be born just like we were.  When I think about what I see as the problems in my life, I step back and think about every unborn child that doesn’t know it will be killed tomorrow or the next day, and my problems just don’t seem that important.

Unless we are able to see evil, we can never fully appreciate good.  When I drive through the parking lot of my local Planned Parenthood office I see the OPEN sign in the window and know that I am in the presence of evil.  Every time I see the OPEN sign I know that innocent lives are ending within feet of me.

I’m grateful that I was called to end the carnage.  I humbly acknowledge that I can’t do it alone and that help will come when I ask.  My gratitude for the good health and spirit of determination I have been given has no bounds.  I promise to use both in the fight of my life for the Right to life for every child.