A little over a month ago I began posting my letters to the President, various politicians, and members of America’s abortion industry on this blog. Occasionally, I also post my personal commentaries.  My page views are increasing and Twitter followers are too.  You won’t find a Donate button on my site because I don’t want your money.  I will accept your help though.  To anyone who would like to help; share my posts on your Facebook page and ask your friends to share them as well.  For those of you on Twitter who would like to help; retweet my posts and ask the same of your followers.   Everything published on my blog is written by me and represents the exact text of hard-copy, signed letters I send to the addressees.  I accept full responsibility for all my work.  My reason for doing this is quite simple.  I believe every unborn child deserves the right to be born; period.

I understand that abortion is not something that most people want to talk about or even think about.  I get it, but ignoring the slaughter of unborn children will not make it stop.  Love me or hate me, this is too important for me to look the other way and hope that someone else does the work that must be done to stop the killing.

Thanks for your support:

Rick Murphy

Writer/Editor/Publisher/Researcher/Envelope Stuffer/Stamp Sticker/Father/Grandfather/Etc./Etc.