I spent Saturday afternoon in Ocean City, Maryland with my 2 grandsons.  We decided that a beautiful sunny day by the ocean, with them riding all the children’s rides on the boardwalk, was the perfect way to spend the day.  Their smiling faces and laughs of delight proved that we made the right decision.  The decisions we make every day affect not only us, but those around us.

Neither of my grandsons know that thousands of babies are killed every day in America’s abortion mills.  They’re surrounded by a loving family and have no concept of being unwanted and killed as a matter of convenience.  My grandsons’ world view is a world where every child is safe and happy.  It’s all they know and it’s what I want for every child.  As I write this on a Monday night, thousands of unborn children are spending their last night alive.  They will be killed tomorrow by Planned Parenthood and others for nothing more than money and a callous disregard for their God-given right to life.  The decision to end their lives has already been made.

Based on recent revelations, many of the children killed tomorrow will suffer the final indignity of having their body parts removed and sold by the same organization that killed them.  The people who kill babies for money would have you believe that they are anything but human, until they are born.  All the while they market the organs they remove from them as human body parts.  They’ve made a conscious decision to participate in the greatest human tragedy in the history of the world.

My grandsons deserve to grow up in a world that doesn’t kill its children.  During my lifetime, civilization has made many great leaps.  We put men on the moon, developed supercomputers, and revolutionized the concept of instant information exchange from anywhere in the world.  Ending the killing of our children won’t require a giant leap for mankind.  All we have to do is stop killing them.  Some decisions are hard.  Deciding not to kill innocent children isn’t.

In my State of Maryland both my grandsons could have been aborted right up to the moment of their birth.  The decision to have them killed never entered their parents’ minds. We welcomed them into the world, just like every child should be.  Unlike Planned Parenthood, we consider my grandsons’ body parts to be priceless and the sum of all their parts to be a gift we can’t begin to comprehend.  The decision to stop allowing our unborn children to be killed will yield results the moment it is made.  It’s the right thing to do and there is no logical reason to allow the killing to go on for one more day.

Positive Outcomes

So far, over the course of my life, no matter how badly I’ve screwed things up it always seems to work out for me.  A few years ago I decided to leave the industry that I had made a very good living at for over 30 years to take a crack at a totally different career path.  I failed miserably and was fired 5 months later.  Within a day of being fired I was receiving unsolicited job offers, and a week later was working again in the industry I had voluntarily left, for more money than I had ever made. Looking back, it’s always been that way for me.  Fall down, get back up, end up stronger.

Trying not to take anything too seriously seems to work for me; for everything except working to end abortion.  For most things in all our lives we can fail repeatedly and try again as many times as we want until we get it right.  When you’re trying to save lives, failure is not an option.  The only positive outcome in the fight for life is to save a life.  And the only positive outcome for an unborn child is the opportunity to fully express its universally unique life.  I truly believe that if you make every effort to do right, good things will follow.  And I absolutely believe that standing on the side of life is the right thing to do.

Positive thinking is a good thing, but positive outcomes are what really matters, and they will only be realized as a result of definable action and measurable results.  Einstein once said “Nothing happens until something moves.”  He was right.  You can sit around thinking about what you want to do and the goals you want to achieve, but until you get off your ass and make it happen, nothing will.

A little over 2 years ago when I was called to end abortion I vowed that I would not leave this world without saving more lives than I could ever imagine I could.   Every family has at least one member that the others consider weird, eccentric, or just a little off.  I’m that guy in my family.  I’m really not sure what my closest friends and family members think about my pro-life views; whether I’m an embarrassment or whether they are proud of me. I would prefer the latter, but what I am doing is much more important to me than the good opinion of others; even my family.

Amid all the suffering and death that occurs daily in America’s abortion mills, I see a positive outcome.  I see a world in the not too distant future where the doors of every abortion mill are locked shut for the last time.  Whether my efforts or the efforts of someone else helps bring an end to abortion makes no difference to me.  A positive outcome, the safety of every unborn child is all that matters.


Sundays are a mixed bag for me.  It’s the day of the week that I get to spend the most time with my grandsons.  It’s also the last day that over 3,000 unborn babies will be alive in America.  On Monday they will be killed in one of our nation’s abortion mills.  While I watch football and play with my grandsons on Sundays, young mothers are struggling with the decision they’ve made to have their unborn child killed.  Somewhere deep inside, most of them know that a human life will be ended because of their decision.  Their justifications for doing the unjustifiable range from “I can’t care for a child right now”, “it’s better off dead”, and “I can’t afford a child”, to “abortion is legal, so I’m not doing anything wrong”.

Abortion is legal in America, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.  Everything that happened in the Nazi concentration camps during World War 2 was legal at the time in Germany.  The extermination of an entire culture of people was legal, and through the lens of hindsight and history it’s now viewed as one of the most horrific human disasters of all time. I can only imagine how abortion will be viewed by future generations long after it is finally abolished.

The number of fans packing the stadiums at yesterday’s 2 NFL playoff games represent less than 10% of the total number of children who will die this year at the hands of Planned Parenthood and its colleagues in the business of killing children for a fee.  For football fans this is the best time of the year.  For Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry it’s just business as usual.  Next weekend the cycle will repeat itself.  Fans will be watching football, hoping that their team will survive another week, and I’ll be hard at work, hoping that I can convince even one mother to allow a child scheduled to die on Monday to live.

The teams still in the running for the Super Bowl are the best of the best.  Through hard work and discipline the players on these teams have reached a level that few of their peers will ever experience.  Regardless of what they’ve achieved in their lives, they all started out just like you and me.  We all began our lives as helpless babies, entirely dependent on others for our very survival.  We all received the same animating spark of life from our Creator, and we all have a moral obligation to protect every child, both born and unborn.

I look forward to a time when Sundays are no longer the last day alive for thousands of unborn children.  I look forward to a time when I can watch football again, with my arms around both my grandsons, and not having to worry about how many children will die the next day at the hands of an industry of death.  I look forward to a time when the country I swore an oath to die for, if necessary, returns to the values that made it the greatest country in the history of the world.