Batter Up

My grandson’s first Tee-Ball game was today.  As an unashamedly biased fan, I thought he was the best player on the field.  Watching him play, I realized what a miracle he is.  A little over 4 years ago he did not exist in the physical realm. Today he’s fielding grounders and swinging for the fences.  I’m swinging for the fences too in my quest to end abortion. The children of the world deserve no less than the best effort all of us can put forth to insure that every one of them is allowed to exercise their God-given right to life.

The chances of either of my grandsons becoming professional baseball players are pretty remote.  The certainty that both of them will make universally unique impressions on the world is absolute.  That’s what the world loses every time another unborn child meets its fate at the hands of the abortion industry; a universally unique human being, lost forever.  If a child loses at baseball they get another chance.  If they lose their right to life, it’s all over.

Life in the womb is like being in the on deck circle, waiting for your turn to bat.  You’re in the game just waiting for your turn to play.  You’re just as much a player as anyone else on the field; just like an unborn child is a living human being, just like any other human being; waiting for its turn.  Every unborn child is already a winner.  They were picked by the Creator of the universe to receive the gift of life.  Being picked by the Creator of stars and galaxies to receive His gift makes every human being special.  Those of us who feel we should be able to decide which of His gifts to accept and which ones to reject are saying that we know better than Him.

When God calls batter up to a new life, His intention is for that new life to get into the game.  He wishes nothing but home runs for all of us, and I’m sure that He wants every human being to be a winner in the game of life.  I know that most of my days are already behind me, but I’m committed to ensuring that every new life has a clear path forward, from the moment of conception.  Life will give you everything you ask of it, as long as you are willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want.  I’m determined to help end the practice of abortion and I won’t stop until my heart does.

At this stage of my life I’m in the on deck circle for my journey into eternity.  When God calls batter up for my next adventure, I hope to be able to look back and see that I helped save some lives and change some others for the better.  Life, just like baseball, is all about doing the best you can, and leaving knowing that you left it all on the field.