Degrees of Outrage #13

Honor and integrity are very important to me.  I see living a principled life as the best way to be a positive influence on your family and peers.  I also see an American society teeming with uninformed morons, clamoring to be offended by the slightest perceived provocation.  Friday night in Chicago, a group of self-proclaimed speech censors took it upon themselves to deny thousands of Trump supporters the opportunity to hear Mr. Trump speak.  These idiots hide behind the Constitution when it serves their purpose, but deny the same Constitutional right to free speech they claim to be expressing, to anyone they feel should be silenced.

Mr. Trump’s opponents are now claiming that he is responsible for the thugs who incited violence and caused his speech to be cancelled.  That’s not how free speech works.  Whether you agree with Donald Trump or not, he has the right to peaceful assembly and free speech.  If you don’t like his message, don’t listen.  I don’t support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but I support their right to free speech. has claimed responsibility for organizing the hostilities Friday night.  Just a reminder, was founded on behalf the Clintons during the late 90’s in an attempt to have the media and the public move on from Bill’s sordid sexual exploits and Hillary’s mulitple ethical challenges.  MoveOn’s modus operandi is to organize low information individuals, most of whom have no idea what they are protesting against, into unruly mobs.

The liberal wackos disrupting Trump’s speeches and inciting violence have taken it upon themselves to decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t.  They’re all for the 1st Amendment until they don’t agree with what you have to say.  Honor and integrity mean nothing to them.  It’s all about them, and nothing else.  These same idiots and organizations think that Roe v Wade created the right for a woman to choose to have her unborn child killed.  They don’t understand that rights can only be granted by God.  When despicable organizations like try to shut someone like Donald Trump down, all they do is guarantee that he will dominate the news cycle.   When they promote organizations like Planned Parenthood and fight for what they call abortion rights, they bask in the blinding light of utter stupidity.

Liberals claim to have all the answers and demand that anyone who doesn’t agree with them be silenced.  They field a corrupt felon and a washed up socialist as their Presidential candidates and are willing to blindly follow them to oblivion if they are elected.  Liberal wackos have the right to express their opinions, however misguided they may be; and I have the right to ignore them and to work for everything they are against.  They support an abortion industry that kills over 3,000 innocent children every day in America and I will continue to fight for every life they don’t think matters.

When liberals win, bad things happen.  When liberals get offended, more often than not, I get amused.  If this expression of my right to free speech offends anyone; so be it.

Elections Have Consequences

When the cattle call for President began, I really liked Carly Fiorina, but she didn’t catch on and eventually dropped out.  Since Carly dropped out, I’ve been bouncing between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.  Any of the 5 men still standing on the Republican side would be a much better President than the socialist, pro-abortion, Bernie Sanders or the lying, pro-abortion, criminal, Hillary Clinton.  Trump, Cruz, and Rubio claim to be pro-life, and I take them at their word.  Trump claims that he has evolved from being pro-choice to pro-life, and once again, I accept that he is sincere when he says this.  The problems I have with Trump are many and varied.  His condescending and derisive attitude towards his opponents is off putting.  He speaks in generalities and has yet to be specific on how he intends to”Make America Great Again.”  He praises Planned Parenthood and states that they do great things for millions of women.  At Thursday night’s debate he made the statement that abortion only represents 3% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood.  This tells me that he has bought into Planned Parenthood’s convoluted bookkeeping logic that classifies an abortion as 1 service, and a visit where you walk in and receive 5 packages of condoms and 5 brochures as 10 services provided.

The hysteria surrounding Trump reminds me of the same blind faith that was given to a man named Barack Obama.  On nothing more than one good speech and a slick PR campaign, he was elected President.  We have to get it right this time or the America our founders envisioned will be lost.  Under two terms of an “American Idol President” our national debt has doubled, our stature in the world has diminished, and those who would wish to do us harm have been emboldened by a President who projects weakness.  While I’m not saying Trump would be another Obama, the parallels between their campaigns are unmistakable.  They both commandeered the news cycle. They’re both proficient in saying just enough to convince their supporters that they have all the answers, and they both heap scorn on anyone who dares to disagree with them.  If nothing else, Donald Trump deserves credit for shaking things up.  His lack of political correctness is refreshing, and has changed the course of this campaign, and campaigns in the future. If Trump is the last man standing on the Republican side, I’ll hold my nose and he’ll get my vote, but he’s not getting my endorsement.

The Washington establishment is broken and dysfunctional.  The good ole boy network on both sides of the aisle doesn’t want a President who makes waves.  They want to keep things the way they are and to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done.  Doing things the way they’ve always been done has given us an America that is broke, overregulated, and over taxed; and a citizenry that fears its government. Our founders never intended it to be this way.  The people shouldn’t fear the government.  The government should fear the people.  The ideal President should be someone the establishment fears.  He or she should be a principled individual, willing to do the people’s bidding, and committed to preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution.  Our President must be unbeholden to special interests and merciless when it comes to trimming the fat from a morbidly obese bureaucracy that is collapsing under the weight of its collective incompetence.  He or she must be committed to protecting the right to life from the moment of conception and unapologetic for looking to God for strength.

No one on the Democrat side of the ticket even remotely meets these criteria.  Four of the five men still standing on the Republican side do.  All these criteria are my litmus test for the candidate I support for President of the greatest country on earth.  These men and women are applying for George Washington’s job.  When we make our choice for the 45th person in history to hold this job, we can’t view it as a popularity contest and we can’t sit home and not vote if our candidate doesn’t end up being the nominee.  This election will determine what kind of future our children and grandchildren will have.  American exceptionalism is alive and well but it’s buried under an oppressive government and incompetent leadership.  The one man who can right the good ship America and get her back on course is Ted Cruz.  I support everything he stands for and offer my humble blog’s endorsement of his candidacy.