What if Today is the Day?

What if today is the day you are called upon to be a hero?  What if it’s tomorrow?  Will you be ready?  Have you prepared yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually for whatever situation you may find yourself in?  We live in an increasingly violent world with industries dedicated to killing unborn children and terrorists bent on destroying anyone and anything they don’t approve of.  The distinct possibility that any of us could find ourselves in a situation where the actions we take will decide who lives and who dies is a fact of life we should not take lightly.

I ask myself if I will have what it takes if it’s my turn to be a hero.  I have an extensive martial arts background.  I run and lift weights, and work hard to live my life with honor and integrity; and still I ask myself if I will be the one who steps up when others run away.  A Universal Intelligence has placed all of us here at this time and this place for a reason.  We are all potential heros.  We all have within us the ability to do great things.  When, where, and under what circumstances we will be called to do so is the great unknown.

I choose to use every day as preparation for the day my number comes up and I have no choice but to be a hero. When I feel myself easing up during my daily workouts, I visualize a situation where I may need to be a little stronger or a little faster in order to help someone in need, and that provides the motivation to press on and perform more reps or to run farther and faster. My methods are what I use to prepare for the unknown.  Everyone has their own way to prepare and, as far as I know, no individual form of preparation is better than any other.

One human being can change the world.  Our gift of life comes with the obligation to help others and to be ready to help even more.  Today will be that day for countless human beings across the world.  Tomorrow, more will be asked to step up.   If your time comes will you be ready?  We all need to know what we are willing to risk our lives or even die for.  I would risk everything for my children and grandsons, and would like to think that I would do the same for any other human being in need.  Again, the unknown is what would any of us do when our time comes and we have no choice but to do what has to be done.

What if today is the day?  What if today is the day that the pro-life movement reaches the critical mass needed to finally end abortion?  Thousands of future heros will be welcomed to the world every day and a giant step forward will be taken towards regaining our collective humanity.