Letter to Baltimore Ravens #1

Baltimore Ravens

1 Winning Drive

Owings Mills, Md.  21117

Attn:    Mr. Steve Bisciotti

October 24, 2013

Mr. Bisciotti:

As a die-hard Ravens fan, I was disturbed to hear this week that the Ravens will accept $130,000.00 from the Obama administration to promote ObamaCare at M&T Bank Stadium.  Sir, a class operation like the Ravens does itself and its fans no favor by promoting the government takeover of America’s healthcare.  If you choose to partner with a socialist Utopian dream like ObamaCare, you run the risk of alienating your fans and will be tacitly endorsing a program that will make every American an unwilling contributor to the abortion industry.

Mr. Bisciotti, the Ravens have a reputation as one of the best managed teams in the NFL.  You make smart financial decisions and operate under a business model that is second to none.  That makes it all the more baffling as to why the Ravens would choose to be associated with an abject failure like ObamaCare, for a paltry $130,000.00.  I would suspect that you make more than that selling Joe Flacco bobble heads at every home game.  More importantly, partnering with a program that will result in the government literally making life and death decisions for its citizens, solely as a matter of economics, will tarnish your sterling reputation and render your organization complicit in the catastrophic failure that ObamaCare is destined to be.

Mr. Bisciotti, my objection to ObamaCare stems from my work as a pro-life advocate.  Although this program is doomed to failure, it also dooms millions of unborn children with its provisions for funding abortions, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers.  Retired Ravens center Matt Birk took a principled stand this year when he refused to attend President Obama’s White House reception for your World Champion team.  Matt could not, in good conscience, attend a function hosted by the most abortion-friendly President in our history, due to his pro-life stance.  For the same reason, and as a matter of principle, I can no longer support the Ravens if you go forward with your promotion of ObamaCare.

Sir, if you have already entered into a contract and accepted the money to promote ObamaCare, I understand that you are legally bound by the terms of your contract.  You are not, however, legally bound to keep the money.  May I suggest that you donate it to Maryland Right to Life?  May I also suggest that after you fulfill the terms of your contract, you cut all ties with ObamaCare?  Mr. Bisciotti, $130,000.00 may not sound like a lot of money to an organization like the Ravens, but it can make a world of difference to a group fighting for the lives of America’s unborn children.

Sundays without the Ravens won’t be the same for me, but I have to look at myself in the mirror and I have to look my grandsons in the eye and know that I am doing everything in my power to work towards a world that is free of abortion.

All my letters are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Should you choose to reply, I’ll publish it, unedited.

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