Letter to Southwestern Women’s Options #2

Southwestern Women’s Options

522 Lomas Blvd. NE

Albuquerque, NM  87102

November 1, 2013

To Whom it May Concern:

The citizens of Albuquerque are about to cut into your bottom line.  Banning abortions after a baby is 20 weeks old will take away your cash cow.  The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance doesn’t go far enough but it is a step in the right direction.  I applaud the citizens of Albuquerque for taking the initiative at a local level to end the killing of our unborn children.  Southwestern Women’s Options is one of the worst of the worst and I couldn’t be happier to see the suffering swing to your side for a change.  Thousands of children have died needless deaths in your facility and it’s time for the killing to end.

While the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance won’t end the killing, it will put an end to some of the most egregious suffering you inflict upon America’s innocent children.  As a late-term abortion mill, Southwestern Women’s Options associates with some pretty shady characters; but none more shady than the Respect ABQ Women Coalition.  This radical pro-abortion group of thugs and Femi-Nazis is directly tied to the Obama administration and is funded by unwitting dunces who think they are contributing to our Dear Leader’s never ending campaign.  When you have to bring in out of town talent to fight against an Ordinance whose sole purpose is to prevent unborn children from being killed, you’re already on the losing side.  What possible justification, other than money, could you have for killing unborn children who have developed to the stage that they can feel the agony of being ripped apart as they are killed?

America’s abortion mills are human slaughterhouses.  They run red with the blood of the most innocent among us.  The thousands of children your industry kills every day were granted the gift of life for a reason.  These children were placed here on earth at this time for a specific purpose, a purpose they will never be able to fulfill.  All humanity is lessened by the loss of these precious lives and we’ll never know what greatness they would have brought to the world.

My hope is that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance will be approved in Albuquerque and will serve as a model for communities across America.   The greatest country in the world should have never gotten to the point where we have killed nearly 56 million of our own children over the past 40 years.  Killing unborn children should never be a cottage industry for sleazy organizations such as yours.

As parents and grandparents, we have a sacred obligation to protect the lives of our children; from the moment of conception.  We all share the blame for allowing cesspools like Southwestern Women’s Options to put a sign on their door and run a business that kills kids for money.  Now it’s time to learn from our mistakes and move forward with the lives of our children as our number one priority.

All my letters are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Should you choose to reply, I’ll publish it, unedited.

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