My Grandson’s Journey Parts 7 & 8

My Grandchild’s Journey:

A little over 3 years ago, upon learning of the impending birth of my first grandchild, I decided to document my thoughts so I could share them someday with what I didn’t know at the time would be my first of 2 grandsons.  I ended up writing 8 short pieces over several months and then got busy on other projects and discontinued my journal.  Over the next few days I’ll publish these raw drafts as a tribute to my first grandson and his little brother who is now closing in on his fourth month among us. Since they were short entries, I’ll be posting them 2 at a time.

My Grandson’s Journey: Part 7

Friday nights are usually the time that we all unwind from a hard week at work, maybe have a couple adult beverages, and do the things we normally don’t have time to do during the week.  Friday night this week was an evening alone with my grandson and I loved it.

He’ll be 8 months old next week and is rapidly developing his unique personality while gradually tweaking his crawling skills.

While friends and family enjoyed a night out, I had an even better time rolling on the floor with pop pop’s little buddy and bonding with my youngest best friend.  Bath time was especially fun as he splashed and played, squealing in delight as he discovered the sounds he could get from his rubber ducky by squeezing it.

As with most babies my grandson’s age, after his bath his energy level begins to tail off rapidly; then I get to rock him to sleep.

I think one of the greatest pleasures and privileges of my life is to be trusted to care for this little boy and to listen to him breath as I rock him to sleep.

Watching him sleep strengthens my resolve to be an advocate for the sanctity of human life and the pro-life movement.

Millions of parents and grandparents will never know the simple pleasure of rocking a child to sleep because they made the choice to terminate a pregnancy, ending forever the limitless potential of another human life.

We are better than this as a society and we must do better.  Think about it the next time you see a happy baby and remember the millions who never got the chance.

My Grandson’s Journey: Part 8

Today, as I reflect on the future of the world that my grandson was born into just over 8 months ago, I’m concerned.

The America that we live in has become an entitlement society.  Everyone seems to have their hand out, expecting everything they desire to be given to them with no effort required on their part.

I plan to play a part in teaching the values of personal responsibility and self reliance to my grandson so he can be a giver; not a taker.  I want him to know that he should strive to make the world a better place when he leaves than it was when he arrived.

I have no idea what the future holds but I pledge to do everything in my power to prepare him for whatever may come.

As his journey unfolds, I look forward to being there for him and to share in his triumphs and to console him during the inevitable defeats.

I hope that someday when he reads this he will remember that Pop-Pop always had his back and was always there for him.

I know he will do well and will make his family proud.

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