It’s the Simple Things

Back on Sept. 25, 2011 I wrote about a visit to a local wildlife museum we had made with our then 7 month old grandson the previous weekend.  I was moved by his innocent honesty as he expressed his delight in seeing the lifelike exhibits and wood carvings.  A recent health scare for my grandson has reminded me to treasure every moment with him.  As the New Year begins, my resolve is even more strengthened to be there for him and his little brother as they make their unique impressions on the world.  Watching an innocent child experience all the ‘firsts’ in their life can teach us all how to view the world.  They view every new sight, sound, and experience without bias or prejudgment.  They find reasons to be happy and their joy is infectious.  Our trip to the museum that day lasted less than an hour.  The memories I left with will last a lifetime.

It’s the Simple Things

Over the course of the past month I’ve experienced an earthquake, a hurricane, and a dead satellite crashing back to earth.  My 401K is tanking, my President is becoming an even more far-left lunatic every day, and the American public was just subjected to the U.N.’s annual traveling circus of dictators, thugs, and homicidal maniacs.

Our economy continues to implode, courtesy of the Obama administrations’ stifling policies and regulations, all implemented by a radical gang of academics who’ve never held a real job. And, for the first time in my adult life I’m in fear of losing my job and everything I’ve worked for; but it doesn’t matter.  I’ve seen the future and we’ll all be ok.

I’ve seen the future in the eyes of my 7 month old grandson.  At yesterday’s family visit to a local museum I watched as his little eyes lit up in awe of the intricate wood carvings and wildlife exhibits that represented another in a long line of ‘firsts’ in his young life.  In his eyes I saw unlimited potential and was reminded of the very same potential that exists in each and every one of us.

Our founders understood this concept and seized upon it as they designed our fledgling Republic.

Potential has no expiration date. It’s non-exclusive and has no agenda.  All it requires is that we understand that it lives in all of us and the only limits imposed on any of us are the ones we impose upon ourselves.

I was beginning to worry about my future and the future of my country but I’m not worried any more.  Our future is bright.  Everything’s going to be ok.  I can see it in my grandson’s eyes.

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