The War on Women

America’s abortion industry and the pro-abortion/pro-choice crowd always fall back to their default talking point of “a war on women” whenever a challenge is made to the Right of a woman to have her unborn child killed.  Who’s really waging a war on women?  Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry kills about 600,000 baby girls every year.  Unless I’m missing something, the real war on woman is waged by killing them before they can even be born.  The real war on women is fought every day when women are scarred for life, mentally, physically, and spiritually by the very ones who claim that the pro-life side is waging a war against them.

The only war those of us on the pro-life side are fighting is the war to safeguard every child’s Right to life.  And, as a point of record, I’m quite fond of women.  If a mother has the Right to have her child killed, does a father have the Right to allow his child to be born?  If a man forces a woman to have an abortion, he’s charged with the crime of having a child killed against the wishes of the mother.  If a woman has a man’s child killed against his wishes, the law protects the woman’s right to kill the child.  Who’s waging a war on who?

The collateral damage of the so-called war on women are more than 1 million unborn children every year.  They don’t have a dog in this fight.  All they want is a chance to live the life they have been given.  When Planned Parenthood fights against laws that would hold abortion clinics to the same medical standards that surgical facilities are held to, who are they looking out for?  When they fight against legislation that would ban the killing of pain-capable children, what is their motivation?   When they fight against laws that would require doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion clinic, who are they protecting?

A war on women is being waged, but not by the pro-life movement.  Convincing women that they have no other option than to have their unborn child killed, is a war on women.  Parasitic organizations like NARAL and the National Abortion Federation, whose sole mission in life is to make abortion more accessible and less restricted, are the real enemy in the war on women.  Imbeciles in elected office, like Nancy Pelosi, who proclaim that abortion is a “sacred Right”, are the soldiers in the war on women.

With the mid-term elections coming up, the pro-abortion crowd is engaged in a smear campaign against any conservative, female candidate with the audacity to announce that they are pro-life.  Planned Parenthood and their clueless followers are making vile, baseless claims against these women for one reason and one reason only, because they stand for the Right to life for every unborn child.  Once again, who’s waging a war on women?

I’m a willing warrior in the fight of my life, but my war isn’t on women.  My war is fought in the name of the world’s unborn children and I will fight until I no longer can, or until my efforts are no longer needed.

Postscript:  After rereading the above post, I decided to look up the word imbecile.  I knew what my intent was when I referred to Nancy Pelosi as an imbecile.  According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, an imbecile rates higher in intelligence than an idiot and below that of a moron.  I wish to offer my sincere apologies to any idiots who may have been offended by me calling Nancy Pelosi an imbecile.

Letter to Governor O’Malley #2

Governor Martin O’Malley

100 State Circle

Annapolis, Md.  21401-1925

 May 30, 2014

 Governor O’Malley:

In our State of Maryland a pregnant mother can pay to have her unborn child killed right up to the moment of its birth.  Our State is known as a haven for late-term abortionists; the worst of the worst.  Maryland is currently run by one of the most far-left politicians in America.  Sir, that would be you.

I don’t care about your politics.  I don’t even care about your insatiable lust for more of my hard-earned money, with the 40 tax increases you’ve strapped me and my fellow citizens with since you took office.  What I do care about are the thousands of unborn children who die in my State’s abortion mills every year. I live in the small town of Salisbury, Md., on the side of the Chesapeake Bay that you only see if you happen to be going to Ocean City.  Planned Parenthood is killing babies 2 miles from my home in Salisbury and I don’t like it.

I’m determined to end abortion in America and in my State.  Towards that end, I’ve written to the Wicomico County Executive and the Wicomico County Council asking them to declare my County an abortion-free zone.  I’m now asking you to declare Maryland an abortion-free zone.  Sir, we both know that this letter will, in all probability, never be answered, but allow me to pose the following questions:  Since you support a woman’s Right to have her unborn child killed in Maryland, when do you believe life begins?  Do you believe that every human being is endowed with the Right to life?  If so, who are we to decide who lives and who dies?

Governor O’Malley, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to look deep inside and ask themselves what they feel so strongly about that they are willing to risk everything in order to achieve their goals.  I’m at that point in my life when it comes to ending the legal killing of our unborn children.  Sir, the most innocent and vulnerable among us can’t speak for themselves and have to depend entirely upon people of goodwill to insure that they are allowed to exercise their God-given Right to life.

Sir, protecting our children is more important than politics and more important than winning elections.   Declaring our State an abortion-free zone would be a bold statement from a card carrying liberal and would require courage that, quite frankly, I don’t think you possess.  Governor, prove me wrong.  Since you have Presidential aspirations, think about all the free publicity an ‘in the tank for abortion’, liberal Governor could get by reversing course and speaking out in support of the pro-life movement.   Sir, in the end there is no downside to standing up for our children.  Do the right thing and something remarkable will happen.

I’m publishing my letters to you on my pro-life blog at  I’ll publish your replies too, should you take the time to do so.  Sir, I’m committed to ending abortion in my State and my country.  I invite you to help.