The Herd

A long time ago I renounced my membership in the herd.  Living a life of honor and integrity is more important to me than membership in the herd.  As a member of the herd you have to worry about what others think of you.  You have to be willing to throw your friends and colleagues under the bus to insure your own temporal success.  Your status in the herd is determined by how many things you are able to accumulate and how high up the so-called ladder you are able to climb.  As a member of the herd you leave the heavy lifting to others, knowing that you should be doing more, while hoping that someone else will do your share.

Every day thousands of unborn children are killed in America.  Many of them, if allowed to be born, would eventually become members of the herd.  Just as many, if allowed to be born, would decide to follow their own course and use their unlimited potential to change the world.  Either way, each and every one of them deserves their chance to live a happy, productive life.  Many members of the herd that I long ago abandoned are fully aware of the horrors of abortion, and choose to do nothing.  They know that killing innocent children is wrong, but it’s legal so they’re afraid to take a stand.  Taking a stand can jeopardize your membership in the herd,and membership is everything to them.

Every member of the herd was allowed to be born.   Everyone working in the abortion industry was allowed to be born and makes a living denying the very same right to our unborn children.  The herd encourages hypocrisy and political correctness, and the abortion industry uses both to ply its deadly trade.  They say that a woman has the right to have her unborn child killed and that anyone who thinks otherwise is waging a war on women; and the members of the herd say nothing for fear of drawing attention to themselves. Conforming to the herd’s rules is more important to them than standing on principle.

The children of the world deserve better than to have their fate decided by political expediency and a herd mentality that promotes going along just to get along.  Every unborn child is worth fighting for.  Taking a stand for life is the right thing to do and speaking out for innocent children who can’t speak for themselves is immensely more important than remaining a member in good standing in the herd.  One of my heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

Membership in the herd isn’t mandatory.  Living your life on your terms is liberating.  Being a thorn in the side of those who believe that having your unborn child killed as a simple matter of convenience is a human right is worth the hate mail and wrath that comes from the herd.  Feeling the loving embrace of my grandsons is all I need to know that I have chosen the proper course.


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