Moral Equivalence

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about moral equivalence.  When Israel retaliated against Hamas, after enduring a barrage of thousands of rockets, our President asked both sides to show restraint.  How much restraint would America show if Mexico or Canada were lobbing hundreds of rockets across our border every day?  When ISIS began its murderous rampage across the Middle East our President called for a measured response.  Equivocating civilized behavior with that of brutal terrorists erroneously identifies barbarians as equals with the very ones they seek to kill.

The false narrative of moral equivalency put forth by our elected leaders has emboldened the ones wishing to do us harm and conveyed a sense of legitimacy to their cause.  The terrorists of the world see our leaders and our country as weak and unwilling to defend those who can’t defend themselves.  They look at a country that kills over a million of its unborn children every year and see the same nation demanding that the rest of the world respect the human rights of their citizens.  Mixed messages and moral inconsistency embolden the evildoers of the world to do more evil.

Moral equivalency in America allows a business like Planned Parenthood to openly advertise its business of killing children for money as they operate their abortion mills in neighborhood shopping centers.  Our President consults with race hustlers like Al Sharpton and treats them like anything but the publicity hungry parasites they are.  Charlatans and mass murderers are treated like sages and respectable businesses in the name of political correctness and everyone smiles and tries to act like they don’t see the hypocrisy in the comparison.

We pass laws making it illegal to intentionally kill another human being.  We pass laws making it legal to kill an unborn child at the mother’s request.  We pass laws making it illegal to stand within 35 feet of an abortion clinic’s door and asking the women going inside to not kill their babies.  We pass laws allowing anyone to freely speak in public, without fear of retribution, as long as they don’t make a woman feel bad about having her baby killed.  Our society implies a moral equivalency between the businesses that kill children for money and those who work to end the killing.

Our nation and the world are treading on the proverbial slippery slope when we fail to acknowledge the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.  When thugs torch their own town in the name of street justice we need to call them out as the thugs they are.  When terrorists kill innocent people and the abortion industry kills innocent children there can be no moral equivalence conferred between them and those of us who believe that their is no higher calling than protecting innocent life.

The evildoers of the word are counting on the complacency of the masses.  They know that most of the evil in the world is sanctioned by government.  They promote their agendas on the backs of those among us not willing to take action, and know their undoing is sealed when they are denied the legitimacy of moral equivalency.