Letter to Governor Hogan #1

Governor Larry Hogan

100 State Circle

Annapolis, Md.  21401-1925

July 10, 2015

Governor Hogan:

A little over a year ago I wrote to your predecessor and asked him to declare my home State of Maryland an abortion free zone.  I never expected him to reply, but I thought it was worth a shot.  Think about it.  Maryland is a haven for late-term abortionists and thousands of innocent children are killed every year in our State. Even the small Eastern Shore town that I live in has a Planned Parenthood clinic.

As I write this, all over America, States, cities, toy manufacturers, and TV shows are banning the Confederate flag.  They justify their collective outrage by blaming the recent murder of 9 innocent people in a Charleston, S.C. church on a crazed lunatic’s affinity for the Confederate flag, among others.  All this effort is being put into banning the public display of a flag while thousands of unborn children are killed every day.  Our priorities are woefully misappropriated and the moral decline of our society is accelerating.

Governor Hogan, Maryland stopped reporting the number of abortions performed in our State several years ago.  A reasonable person could conclude that this decision was made to avoid the ugly truth about what goes on in the abortion mills in our State.  Late-term abortions are performed right under the noses of the Md. Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene and the Md. Board of Physicians, and no one raises a finger to stop the killing.  It saddens me that an unborn child can be legally killed right up to the moment of its birth in Maryland.

Sir, with your recent cancer diagnosis I’m sure you are acutely aware of the fragility of human life and just how precious every day is.  You are able to get life saving treatment, and I wish you all the best as you fight for your priceless gift of life.  The cure for all the unborn children being killed in our State’s abortion mills is much simpler; just stop killing them.  Governor, the solutions to many of mankind’s greatest problems are incredibly simple, and abortion is the easiest of all.  Once again, all we have to do to end abortion is to just stop killing innocent children.

So now it’s time to ask you to do the same thing I asked Governor O’Malley to do.  I’m asking you to declare Maryland an abortion free zone.  I’m asking you to stand up on the side of life.  I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, as will thousands of our fellow Marylanders.  Governor Hogan, our unborn children are not able to fight for their right to life.  If men and women of honor are not willing to stand on the side of life for innocent children, we are doomed as a society and deserving of our fate.

Thank you for considering my request.




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