What if Today is the Day?

Happy Thanksgiving to Pro-Life Pop Pop’s friends and readers. On the day that we give thanks for all we have and those we love, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that we live in a dangerous world. Forces of evil want to undo our way of life, and individually, we need to be prepared to do what has to be done to protect our fellow man. These thoughts were weighing heavily on me when I wrote the following piece in July of last year. To all my friends; ask yourself if you will be ready if today is the day you are called upon to be a hero?

Pro Life Pop Pop

What if today is the day you are called upon to be a hero?  What if it’s tomorrow?  Will you be ready?  Have you prepared yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually for whatever situation you may find yourself in?  We live in an increasingly violent world with industries dedicated to killing unborn children and terrorists bent on destroying anyone and anything they don’t approve of.  The distinct possibility that any of us could find ourselves in a situation where the actions we take will decide who lives and who dies is a fact of life we should not take lightly.

I ask myself if I will have what it takes if it’s my turn to be a hero.  I have an extensive martial arts background.  I run and lift weights, and work hard to live my life with honor and integrity; and still I ask myself if I will be the…

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