Degrees of Outrage #6

It seems like everybody in America is mad.  All you hear from the usual cast of race-baiters like Al Sharpton, who makes his living promoting racism, is that it’s open season on black men in America.  He knows, or should know, that there is no factual basis for his assertion; but facts don’t matter to him and his ilk.  He knows he can say that the police are hunting down and killing black men and that if he yells enough and acts mad enough, a lot of uninformed people will believe him.  He knows he can say the killing of black men by the police has become an out of control epidemic; that racism runs rampant in America’s police departments, and that most of those willing to listen to him won’t look into the voracity of his comments.

If 123 people out of 43,000,000 were killed by a deadly disease over the course of a year would you consider it an out of control epidemic?  Last year 123 black Americans out of a population of 43,000,000 black Americans were killed by police officers; police officers of all races.  From my perspective, if the police are trying to hunt down and kill black Americans, they’re doing a pretty bad job of it.  The numbers I’m citing are real numbers, and easy to confirm.

While Al Sharpton relies on the ignorance of his sycophants to promote himself and his false narrative of the slaughter of black men by police, a real slaughter is taking place every day in America’s abortion mills.   Of the more than 3,000 children killed every day by Planned Parenthood and its colleagues, more than 60% are black.  But you won’t hear a word from the race hustlers because the issue of abortion won’t get them in front of a TV camera.   While they’ll fly all over America to lead protests against alleged crimes that will get their ugly mugs on TV, they choose not to speak about the infanticide that occurs daily.  Stirring up anger and fanning the flames of vengeance is big business for those in the business of promoting outrage.  Taking any substantive action to solve real problems or to save the lives of innocent children is a nonsequitur for clowns like Sharpton.

If you can be stirred to outrage by flimsy evidence and an absence of hard facts, you are part of the problem.  If you are willing to blindly protest something that you know little or nothing about, you are part of the problem.  If you can be lead to civil unrest by a hate spewing knucklehead like Al Sharpton, you’ve got bigger problems than the one he’s trying to promote.

Many Americans have a hair trigger for outrage and a lack of interest in confronting hypocrisy.  They trust the media to provide accurate reporting and would rather accept someone else’s version of the truth over finding their own.  Our nation rises and falls on the waves of the news cycle and far too many of us look the other way as generations of unborn children are murdered in the womb.

If you feel you have to be outraged over something, get mad over evil practices like abortion and become part of the solution.

Degrees of Outrage #5

The flavors of the week for outrage in America are President Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution and the looming grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri.  Parties on both sides of both issues are jostling for the greatest degree of apoplectic rage so they can be seen as the gatekeepers of all that is right and just.  Other than pegging the red line on their blood pressure meters with their collective indignation, most of those on both sides have one other thing in common.  They know very little about what they are so mad about and would rather just be mad than informed.

As someone who enjoys reading people, I’m fascinated by how easy it is stir up an uninformed populace and to herd them like lemmings to behave in a manner of one’s choosing.  Just look at who they were convinced to elect as President; twice.  The dumb masses will generally do or think whatever they are nudged into.  They choose to take the path of least resistance and to follow the crowd, most often blissfully ignorant of the consequences of their actions and not even sure why they are taking them.

Bad people and deadly movements read people too.  They know they can incite outrage among the uninformed with phrases like “the war on women” and “a woman’s right to choose.”  They know that they can ply their deadly trade of killing babies for money by convincing the uninformed that abortion is women’s health care and that an unborn baby isn’t a living human being until they say it is.  Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, knows that the righteous outrage of an informed America would cut off the more than $500 million they get every year from the U.S. taxpayers.  They’ve developed very clever marketing strategies to portray the murder and mayhem they inflict on our unborn children as anything but what it actually is.

President Obama’s deliberate overreach of executive authority can be undone.  The opportunistic thugs, looking for a reason to plunder and loot Ferguson, Missouri will soon crawl back under their rocks.  These things are fleeting and will soon pass.  For every child that died today in America’s abortion mills, it’s over.  It can’t be undone and it can’t be made right.  Every unborn child, scheduled to die on Monday, can still be saved.  Instead of venting your outrage on a narcissistic pinhead trying to remain relevant, or a bunch of morons bent on imposing street justice, get mad about the killing of over 3,000 babies every day in America.

In my prior pieces on outrage I’ve opined that expressing outrage without taking positive steps to remedy the source of your anger is a total waste of time.  Unabated outrage, anger, violence, and hatred feed on those expressing these emotions.  They do nothing but dis-empower those wishing to be empowered.   Good works are empowering.  Defending innocent children is empowering.  Standing on principle for something you believe in, regardless of the consequences, will always trump outrage.

Degrees of Outrage #4

As I write this, an announcement is imminent in Ferguson, Missouri as to whether a grand jury will indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown.  Protesters have inexplicably requested a 48 hour advance notice of the grand jury’s decision, apparently so they can plan their ‘spontaneous protests’ when the announcement is made.  Gun sales have skyrocketed as leaks indicate that the grand jury will, in all probability, not indict Officer Wilson.  People in Ferguson are scared.  They’re afraid of more violent protests and looting if the grand jury decides that an indictment is not warranted in this case.

Misguided, collective outrage is a self-perpetuating phenomena.  Most of those expressing outrage are drawn into the collective outrage by their desire to be accepted.  They participate out of their irrational fear of accepting obvious facts for what they are.  They choose to put others at risk rather than standing on principle and speaking out for justice.  As I’ve written previously on the subject of outrage, expressing outrage without the intention of taking positive, nonviolent steps to remedy the object of your anger is a waste of time and energy.  Instead of joining the herd as they channel their frustration through senseless acts of violence and crimes much worse than the object of their outrage, walk your own path with honor and integrity.

In my mission to end abortion I choose to take action instead of expressing outrage.  It would be disingenuous of me to say I don’t feel outrage over the thousands of innocent children killed every day in America’s abortion mills; but I refuse to let outrage consume me.  If you choose to dwell on being mad, all you will get is more anger.  I choose to visualize a world that no longer kills its unborn children and I choose to not stand by and do nothing as the slaughter continues.

Most of the protesters in Ferguson, waiting for an excuse to plunder and loot, could not care less about Michael Brown or seeing justice served.  They just want the opportunity to commit acts that are socially unacceptable and morally wrong while staking a false claim on the moral high ground.  They choose to hide behind a mob mentality because they don’t have the courage to accept the unbiased verdict of a jury of their peers.  Just like Planned Parenthood hides behind the veil of an unjust law as they kill over 300,000 children every year, the protesters in Ferguson, regardless of the grand jury’s decision, will hit the streets and march in mind-numbed lockstep with race hustlers like Al Sharpton, while they provide cover for their faux outrage with stories of racism and injustice.

Protesting an act of violence with another act of violence is illogical.  Violence cannot be undone, but further acts of violence can be prevented by principled actions and good works.  Whether it’s ending the practice of abortion or insuring that justice is blind, outrage and its inevitable downward spiral to violence are never the answer.

Degrees of Outrage #3

As a non-participating member of the herd, I enjoy studying them as they bounce from crisis to crisis, each of them seeking validation by expressing more outrage over the most recent crisis du jour than their fellow herd members.  The most recent focus of their collective outrage is Ray Rice.  Domestic violence is a serious problem and Ray Rice got what he deserved.  I agree that outrage over acts of violence against anyone is the natural human response.  What I have a problem with are expressions of outrage with no intent by most of those expressing it to do anything to fix the problem that their outrage is directed towards.  How many of you reading this will do anything to prevent domestic violence, put the well-being of others ahead of yourself, or take a stand based on principle to protect those who can’t protect themselves?

Far too many of us are willing to jump on the bandwagon every time the news cycle jumps to the next big story, spouting our outrage and then moving on; the focus of our outrage quickly dispatched to the recesses of our short term memory.  As I’ve written before, I believe outrage is a waste of time and effort unless its energy is directed towards a remedy for the outrageous.  We all have a choice to make when we express our outrage over something.  We can remain members of the herd and compliment one another for caring enough to express our anger, then move on and do nothing productive, or break from the herd and take positive, measurable action.

About a year and a half ago I broke from the herd.  I made a conscious decision to spend the rest of my life, if necessary, to end abortion and to close the doors of those organizations in the business of killing unborn babies for money.   I quit caring about what the other members of the herd thought about me and made a commitment to a cause more important than myself.  I find it outrageous that the greatest country on earth allows over a million of our unborn children to be killed every year.  I find it outrageous that our elected officials, sworn to protect the rights of every American, look the other way as thousands of innocent children are killed every day by Planned Parenthood and our nation’s abortion industry.

I would be lying if I said I don’t sometimes feel anger or animus towards those who support abortion or actually perform them.  I’m more saddened than angry that it is legal to choose to have your unborn child killed in America.  I choose to channel these emotions towards the achievement of a worthy goal.  If my friends who choose to remain in the herd want to express outrage over something, I urge them to do so in memory of the thousands of unborn children killed today and the thousands doomed to die tomorrow.  I urge them to take definitive action to end the injustice that sparked their outrage and to commit themselves to serving others.

Degrees of Outrage #2

For almost a week now, the world has expressed its collective outrage over the kidnapping of nearly 300 Nigerian school girls by radical Islamic idiots.  These tough, manly guys showed the world just how tough they were by kidnapping children at gunpoint. They claim to hold the moral high ground and that they kidnapped these kids because they object to what they call Western education.  They can claim whatever they want, but the reality is that they are nothing but a gang of thugs hiding behind their pseudo-religious beliefs.

I have zero tolerance for anything or anyone that hurts children, at any stage of their life.  During the week that these children have been missing, nearly 25,000 American babies were killed before they could even be born.  The kidnapping of these school girls is rightly decried by the world as brutal act of terrorism.  The 25,000 American babies killed over the past week were all killed legally.

Outrage is a selective reaction to a given event.  Outrage by one often elicits outrage by others simply so the others can show the one that they are just as caring as the one initially expressing outrage.  In my humble opinion, outrage is a wasted emotion unless it inspires action to correct an egregious wrong and is channeled in a non-violent manner to do so.  Expressing outrage just so you can be seen participating as part of the collective serves no purpose other than making you feel that you are on the right side of a given issue.

I prefer to avoid anger and outrage, and to channel my energy toward change.  I abhor the abortion industry and the sight of a Planned Parenthood sign saddens me more than it makes me angry.  I’m saddened that many of my fellow Americans see abortion as an acceptable alternative to allowing every unborn child to make its universally unique contribution to the world.  It saddens me every day to see people who abuse their bodies and live their lives in blissful ignorance of the good they can do; wasting the priceless gift of life they were given, while over a million new lives are cut short every year in the land of opportunity.

If you must feel outrage, use its energy to perform good works.  If you have to be mad to get something done, be mad.  Whatever emotion it takes to move you to make a positive change in the world, embrace it.  Find your passion and dedicate your life to it.  Mine is ending abortion.  I may spend the rest of my life fighting for the lives of unborn children and all my efforts may ultimately be for naught; I don’t know.  What I do know is that I won’t spend my life being outraged over this and that just so I can be a member of the herd.  I’ll take my chances working towards a goal that I know in my heart is righteous and I’ll leave it to everyone else to follow their own paths, whether those paths include spouting outrage over the latest tragedy or actually doing something to prevent the next one from happening.

Degrees of Outrage

Today the entire country is outraged over racist remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  Racism is always wrong in whatever form it manifests.  Outrage is the default response to remarks such as those made by Mr. Sterling.  Unfortunately, this outrage is further fueled by self-serving race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  And no, I didn’t accidentally omit the title of Reverend from either of these gentlemens’ name.  Nothing that either of these men does is by any stretch reverent or to the benefit of their fellow man.  The news networks are covering this story non-stop while Sharpton and Jackson jockey for position in front of the cameras.

While Mr. Sterling’s comments disturb me, I reserve my outrage for Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry.  I see racism when more black children die from abortion in New York City every year than are allowed to be born.  What I don’t see are Mr. Sharpton or Mr. Jackson speaking out on behalf of these innocent children.  The main stream media won’t cover protests over the killing of unborn children, so these clowns don’t show up.  They’re in the business of promoting racism, not ending it; even if one of the results is the deaths of thousands of black children every year in our nation’s largest city.  If these 2 leaches really wanted to end racism and save children they would be doing good works out of sight of the cameras, just because it is the right thing to do.

You won’t hear them speaking out against Planned Parenthood either, even though this organization was founded by an avowed racist whose stated goal was the extermination of the black race.  They’re willing to go 24/7 over a sleazy NBA owner; calling for boycotts, suspension of the First Amendment, and even jail time for an idiot who should just be allowed to crawl under the nearest rock and disappear.  But when it comes to the killing of unborn children, you won’t hear a word of protest from either of them.

Sharpton and Jackson express varying degrees of outrage over whatever happens to be the flavor of the day.  Whether you agree with me or not, any time the word racism shows up in a story, whether warranted or not, Sharpton and Jackson can be found racing toward the camera crews, ready to stoke the fires and stir stir things up; their only intent being to promote themselves.  If these 2 hucksters want to promote something, how about promoting every unborn child’s right to life, whatever their race?  How about standing up against America’s abortion industry and fighting the ultimate battle against racism?

Bottom line, Donald Sterling is an idiot and deserves everything that comes to him as a result of his idiocy.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are morons who wouldn’t recognize a worthy cause if it slapped them upside their swollen self-aggrandizing heads.  It’s about time for everyone to stop clamoring to be outraged over every insensitive remark, and every politically correct, social-network trending hot topic.  Righteous outrage should be reserved for the truly outrageous; like the legal murder of over a million unborn children every year in America.