Degrees of Outrage #2

For almost a week now, the world has expressed its collective outrage over the kidnapping of nearly 300 Nigerian school girls by radical Islamic idiots.  These tough, manly guys showed the world just how tough they were by kidnapping children at gunpoint. They claim to hold the moral high ground and that they kidnapped these kids because they object to what they call Western education.  They can claim whatever they want, but the reality is that they are nothing but a gang of thugs hiding behind their pseudo-religious beliefs.

I have zero tolerance for anything or anyone that hurts children, at any stage of their life.  During the week that these children have been missing, nearly 25,000 American babies were killed before they could even be born.  The kidnapping of these school girls is rightly decried by the world as brutal act of terrorism.  The 25,000 American babies killed over the past week were all killed legally.

Outrage is a selective reaction to a given event.  Outrage by one often elicits outrage by others simply so the others can show the one that they are just as caring as the one initially expressing outrage.  In my humble opinion, outrage is a wasted emotion unless it inspires action to correct an egregious wrong and is channeled in a non-violent manner to do so.  Expressing outrage just so you can be seen participating as part of the collective serves no purpose other than making you feel that you are on the right side of a given issue.

I prefer to avoid anger and outrage, and to channel my energy toward change.  I abhor the abortion industry and the sight of a Planned Parenthood sign saddens me more than it makes me angry.  I’m saddened that many of my fellow Americans see abortion as an acceptable alternative to allowing every unborn child to make its universally unique contribution to the world.  It saddens me every day to see people who abuse their bodies and live their lives in blissful ignorance of the good they can do; wasting the priceless gift of life they were given, while over a million new lives are cut short every year in the land of opportunity.

If you must feel outrage, use its energy to perform good works.  If you have to be mad to get something done, be mad.  Whatever emotion it takes to move you to make a positive change in the world, embrace it.  Find your passion and dedicate your life to it.  Mine is ending abortion.  I may spend the rest of my life fighting for the lives of unborn children and all my efforts may ultimately be for naught; I don’t know.  What I do know is that I won’t spend my life being outraged over this and that just so I can be a member of the herd.  I’ll take my chances working towards a goal that I know in my heart is righteous and I’ll leave it to everyone else to follow their own paths, whether those paths include spouting outrage over the latest tragedy or actually doing something to prevent the next one from happening.

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