Another Year Older

plannedparenthood64Hillary ClintonPlanned Parenthood celebrated its 99th birthday yesterday.  While they were celebrating, they were killing babies at a clip of 1 every 90 seconds. They tweeted “Planned Parenthood turns 99 today – a history rich in milestones in the fight for global . .” My tweet to Planned Parenthood:  “Hoping you never see 100.” There is no logical reason to celebrate the birthday of an organization that kills over 300,000 children every year. Hillary Clinton tweeted “Planned Parenthood opened their first health center and changed life for women in America. Here’s to the next 99 years.”  My tweet to Hillary: “They changed/ended the lives of millions of innocent children. You’re a moron.”

As a pro-life blogger I subscribe to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, so I follow low-life organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NAF on Twitter.  I also follow their friends, like Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi.  You can learn a lot about a person or an organization by reading what they post for public consumption.  Planned Parenthood and their cronies are unashamed in their praise for abortion and their disdain for those of us who want to shut them down.  They refer to killing unborn children as a mother’s right, and they call people like me anti-choice.  To them, anti-choice sounds better than pro-life.

I find it ironic that the world’s largest abortion provider celebrates its birthday while denying the right to life, and the birthdays that come with it, to thousands of babies every week.  As Planned Parenthood enters its 100th year, they’re scared.  They know that there is a real possibility that the over $500 million they receive every year from the U.S. taxpayers may go away.  They know that without this money they won’t be able to line the pockets of the pro-abortion politicians who fight to keep abortion legal in America.  They know that when killing babies for money is no longer legal, they’re out of business.

My hope is that Planned Parenthood never makes it to 100.  My hope is that the more than 300,000 children they plan to kill during their hundredth year are able to live long, happy, healthy lives.  I hope to celebrate what would have been their 100th birthday in a world where they no longer exist and abortion is only a painful memory of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.  My hope is that the $500 million birthday gift Planned Parenthood has gotten used to getting from us every year is redirected to helping children instead of killing them.

As far as I’m concerned, 99 years is about 99 years too many for an organization like Planned Parenthood.  The meaningful birthdays are the ones their intended victims will be able to celebrate.  I plan to do everything in my power to make this year Planned Parenthood’s last.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

For 2 years now, Congress has been toying with the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and all they have accomplished is, well…….nothing.  The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would ban dismemberment abortions, or more plainly stated, ripping a 5 month old unborn baby apart in order to kill it, with the baby able to feel the pain of every rip and tear as it is killed.

You would think that in a country founded primarily on every human beings’ inherent right to life, bills such as this would not be necessary.  A reasonable person could also conclude that in a country like America it would never be legal to kill over 1 million unborn children every year.  I only wish that all my fellow Americans could be haunted by the visions of the bloody dead bodies of innocent children being ripped from their mothers’ wombs, as I am, every hour of every day.  Maybe then, we would realize, as a society, that funding evil organizations like Planned Parenthood and allowing thousands of innocent babies to be killed every day is contrary to the principles we were founded upon, and flies in the face of civilized human behavior.

Why are we debating whether pain-capable babies should be protected from agonizing deaths when our focus should be on protecting every unborn child at every stage of development?  If we fail to stop the elective killing of any unborn child instead of debating the merits of not killing them only if they can feel it, we are lost.   When we find ourselves arguing over whether we hurt a child while killing it, we miss the point.  If we simply stop killing unborn children, the timing of when and how they can be killed is rendered mute.

In a perfect world we would not have to pass laws to prevent the killing of unborn children, but until we change enough hearts and minds, we have to pass bills like the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  The House has already passed their version of it.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.  The Senate failed to reach cloture even though their version got a majority 54 votes.  Harry Reid’s Senate approved Federal judges with the so-called nuclear option, a simple 51 vote majority.  If the Republican leadership had any courage, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would be passed under the same rules.

Even if the Senate musters the courage to pass this bill, President Obama will veto it.  I look forward to the President explaining to the American people why he supports Planned Parenthood and why he doesn’t have a problem with dismemberment abortion.

If we stop allowing our unborn children to be killed by an industry of death tomorrow, 60 million will have already died.  Generations from now, when historians are able to objectively assess the events of this era, abortion, especially dismemberment abortion, will be seen as the greatest human tragedy of all time.

Letter to President Obama #100

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 January 13, 2015

 Mr. President:

In June of 2013 the House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Your gatekeeper in the Senate, Harry Reid, blocked a vote on this bill so you wouldn’t be forced to veto it.  He ran out the clock so you wouldn’t be placed in the position of having to explain to the American people why you don’t object to allowing pain-capable babies to be killed.

The House is poised to pass this bill again on or about January 22 and new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised to bring it to a vote in the Senate.  With any luck, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be on your desk by the end of February.  What will your justification be for not signing this bill?  Do you know anything about the procedure that is employed to kill a late-term baby, or worse yet, do you not care?

Dilation and Evacuation, the procedure used to kill late-term babies, is brutally effective.  The unborn, pain-capable child is systematically ripped apart, limb by limb, until it dies and all its body parts can be removed from the mother’s body.  About 20,000 babies are killed in this manner every year in America.  They experience the agony of every rip and tear until they die.  They don’t have a voice and their screams can’t be heard.  They’re totally at the mercy of a supposedly civilized society.

Over a million unborn children are killed every year in America’s abortion mills, so the 20,000 or so that this bill addresses may not seem to be a big number; some may even consider it insignificant; nothing more than a rounding error.  Mr. President, every single one of these lives matters and every single one is priceless.  Your cronies at Planned Parenthood don’t agree.  They place a value on the head of every child they kill; that being the fee they get for killing it.

Mr. President, signing the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is a no-brainer.  There is no logical reason to veto a bill designed solely to protect innocent children.  I ask that you place politics aside, and look inside your heart when this bill reaches your desk.  Imagine the pain and suffering that will come to an end with a simple stroke of your pen.  Sir, you are on the record as saying that you have a phone and a pen and that you intend to use them.  I implore you to use your pen in the name of every innocent child that is simply striving to exercise its God-given right to life.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc:  Planned Parenthood



July 15, 2014

On the evening of July 17 last year I punched in for another night of writing letters in pursuit of my goal of ending abortion.  At the time, Harry Reid was signaling that he was considering allowing a vote on The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Since then he has changed his mind.  I was still on track last July to write one letter a day to the President on behalf of the pro-life movement.  Not long after this letter, I decided to branch out and write to all the key players in the ongoing slaughter of the world’s children.

Most of the ideas for my letters come from my perspective as a father and grandfather.  I think about the emptiness in my life had my children and grandchildren never been born, and the words come pouring out.  I was frustrated with the President when I wrote the following letter.  For a man who has shown nothing but contempt for the Constitution, he chooses to hide behind it with his flailing attempts to justify his opposition to a bill designed to save the lives of innocent children.

Since I wrote this letter, States have passed dozens of bills restricting abortion.  We are winning the battles and my hope is that the war will be won in the near future.



The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 July 17, 2013

Mr. President:

The letters I am writing to you and members of the abortion industry are inspired by the love I feel for my 2 year old grandson.  As parents and grandparents we are entrusted with the sacred duty to care for and protect our children and grandchildren.  Sir, this duty applies to our unborn children and grandchildren too.

Last night my daughter purchased a flotation device and water wings for my grandson in preparation for a pool party he is attending this weekend.  She didn’t do this while thinking about a sacred trust or moral obligation of any sort. She did it out of love for her child and her desire to make sure he is safe.  Mr. President, the natural instinct to love and protect our children is in all of us.  Unfortunately, you, the pro-abortion crowd, and abortion mills such as Planned Parenthood have suppressed this instinct in favor of political expediency and money.

Mr. President, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, of all people, has signaled that he may be receptive to allowing a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Getting this bill through a left-leaning, pro-abortion Senate will be a very heavy lift unless you weigh in on the side of life.  You recently said you would veto this bill if it passed because “it shows contempt for women’s’ health and rights, the role doctors play in their patients’ health care decisions, and the Constitution.”  Sir, with all due respect, this has to be one the most asinine and incomprehensible statements you have ever made; and trust me, the list to choose from is quite long.

Where to begin?  How does a bill designed to protect fully developed babies from a horrific death and women from unsafe medical procedures show contempt for women’s health and rights?  How does the requirement that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion clinic show contempt for women’s health?  How does protecting the lives of unborn babies and their mothers show contempt for the Constitution?

Since I’m batting a thousand on not getting replies to my letters I won’t hold my breath waiting for your reply to this one.  Hopefully, your interns or some low level staffer charged with reading your mail will see something in one of my letters that moves them to the pro-life side of the aisle.

In the words of Dante, “There’s a special place in hell for those who in times of moral crisis choose to do nothing.”  Mr. President, when comes to protecting our Nation’s unborn children, you have chosen to do nothing.

cc: Planned Parenthood


June 11, 2014

This time last year, the House was about to vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  President Obama had already made his intentions clear.  He had promised to veto the bill if it made it through the House and then the Democrat controlled Senate.  The House passed the bill and, as of this date, nearly a year later, Harry Reid refuses to allow a vote on it in the Senate.  I understand that reasonable people can disagree on what’s right and what’s  wrong.  What I can’t understand is why anyone would take a position against a bill designed to protect pain-capable unborn children from being killed, using a barbaric procedure such as dilation and evacuation.  Ripping a living human being apart with the intention of killing it should be illegal whether that human being is yet to be born, or at any other stage of its life.

Pain-capable babies continue to be killed every day in America while Harry Reid stonewalls this bill and the President glad-hands with Planned Parenthood.  I reached out to the President with the following letter on June 12 of last year.  As always, I copied his good friends at Planned Parenthood just so they would know I was thinking about them too.


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 June 12, 2013

 Mr. President:

Since you claim that your inner circle doesn’t tell you anything, I just wanted to let you know that the House will be voting on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act next week.  This bill, if passed, will ban abortions on living human beings 20 weeks old and older.

While I don’t think this bill goes far enough, I’ll take every small victory for our innocent children and be grateful for it.  Medical experts say that unborn children can feel pain as early as 8 weeks into their young lives, so my question to you and the murderers at Planned Parenthood is this: Does the fact that these innocent children die an excruciating death at the hands of an abortionist bother you at all?

I’m quite sure that your surrogates and those representing the abortion industry are hard at work behind the scenes to protect their cash flow from late-term abortions, whatever the science says and regardless of the reality of the pain and suffering they inflict.   Hopefully, enough men and women of principle will resist the arm-twisting and do right by our children.

Mr. President, I think we both know that whatever the House does, this bill is dead on arrival at the Senate.  We both also know that a little arm-twisting of your own can get this bill through the Senate.  Then, all you have to do is sign it, and countless thousands of innocent babies will be afforded the most basic and most important of all human rights, the right to life.

Try to forget for a moment that money is more important to your good friends at Planned Parenthood than the lives of our country’s children, and do the right thing.  Sir, God knows you’ve made a total mess of this country in less than 5 years, but being remembered by historians as the man who stemmed the tide of abortion and stood up for the right to life of the most vulnerable among us will seal your place in history.

Mr. President, I’m a bottom line kind of guy so I’ll give it to you straight; your administration is the most corrupt in the history of our country, even the left-wing media is turning against you, and you could really use a little positive PR right now.  Push the bill, sign the bill, and make a whole lot of new friends.  Trust me; you’re going to need them.

cc: Planned Parenthood



May 14, 2014

Harry Reid is a despicable human being.  The House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act almost a year ago, and Senator Reid has refused to allow it to be brought up for a vote in the Senate. He knows that passing this bill is the right thing to do, but in Washington, D.C. right and wrong don’t matter; it’s all about politics.  He knows that President Obama has threatened to veto the bill and he doesn’t want to make the most abortion-friendly President in history look bad.  Sorry Senator Reid, but that ship has already sailed.  So what, if thousands of innocent children have to die; you can’t go against the President’s wishes, right?   Lindsey Graham introduced the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act for unanimous consent in the Senate yesterday.  Harry Reid, predictably, moved to thwart a vote; showing just how much he cares about America’s children.  His only response:  “Wouldn’t it be great if the Republicans offered something, anything that would create a job?”

Senator Reid, if we stop allowing unborn children to be killed, just think about the job growth in the childcare industry, education, children’s products, and healthcare.  America allows 1.2 million future consumers and investors to be killed every year.  Even if you ignore the moral and ethical components of abortion, it makes good economic sense to allow every new life to realize its full potential.

I wrote the following letter to Senator Reid a couple months ago, and felt that now would be a good time to republish it.  Do the right thing Senator Reid.


Senator Harry Reid

522 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20510

March 25, 2014

Senator Reid:

I know you have a lot on your plate right now, what with the unmitigated disaster of ObamaCare, the reality that it will probably cost you the Senate this year, and the mass defections of your panicked Democrat Senators.  Even though you have a lot going on right now, nothing is more important than bringing the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to the floor for a vote; nothing except insuring that it passes, and then over-riding President Obama’s veto.

Senator Reid, as I’ve stated in my previous letters, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will save at least 15,000 unborn children from a torturously painful death every year.  Sir, a few simple votes is all it will take, and thousands of unborn children get to live.  You can debate the bill before you vote, but what logical argument could you possibly have for allowing the slaughter of thousands of babies who can feel the pain of being killed?

The 2014 and 2016 elections aren’t looking good for your party the way things stand today.  You’ve been caught selling the American people a bill of goods with ObamaCare and you can’t blame this one on the Republicans.  They didn’t cast a single vote for ObamaCare and they passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act through the House, so now it’s your turn.  Sir, while you are deciding whether or not to allow a vote on this bill, remember that every 26 seconds another baby is aborted in America.  Every day you delay a vote on this bill, dozens of late-term babies will be ripped apart while they are being killed in America’s abortion mills.

Senator, if you and your fellow Democrats continue to carry the President’s water on the issue of abortion, you risk the fate of drowning under the weight of his utter incompetence.  Sir, you know it’s wrong to kill an innocent human being.  You know that the Right to life applies to unborn, living human beings.  And you know that every unborn child deserves to be born, just like you and I.

Senator Reid, at the risk of repeating myself, no logical argument can be made to allow pain-capable children to be killed under cover of the law.  The greatest country on earth should not be killing over a million of its unborn children every year; and allowing pain-capable babies to be ripped from their mothers’ wombs is an abomination.  Senator Reid, imagine the next baby in line to be killed at your local Planned Parenthood clinic is your grandchild.  What would you do?  The fate of thousands of unborn American children lies in your hands.  What will you do?

All my letters are published on my prolife blog at  Should you choose to reply I’ll publish it, unedited.