July 15, 2014

On the evening of July 17 last year I punched in for another night of writing letters in pursuit of my goal of ending abortion.  At the time, Harry Reid was signaling that he was considering allowing a vote on The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Since then he has changed his mind.  I was still on track last July to write one letter a day to the President on behalf of the pro-life movement.  Not long after this letter, I decided to branch out and write to all the key players in the ongoing slaughter of the world’s children.

Most of the ideas for my letters come from my perspective as a father and grandfather.  I think about the emptiness in my life had my children and grandchildren never been born, and the words come pouring out.  I was frustrated with the President when I wrote the following letter.  For a man who has shown nothing but contempt for the Constitution, he chooses to hide behind it with his flailing attempts to justify his opposition to a bill designed to save the lives of innocent children.

Since I wrote this letter, States have passed dozens of bills restricting abortion.  We are winning the battles and my hope is that the war will be won in the near future.



The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 July 17, 2013

Mr. President:

The letters I am writing to you and members of the abortion industry are inspired by the love I feel for my 2 year old grandson.  As parents and grandparents we are entrusted with the sacred duty to care for and protect our children and grandchildren.  Sir, this duty applies to our unborn children and grandchildren too.

Last night my daughter purchased a flotation device and water wings for my grandson in preparation for a pool party he is attending this weekend.  She didn’t do this while thinking about a sacred trust or moral obligation of any sort. She did it out of love for her child and her desire to make sure he is safe.  Mr. President, the natural instinct to love and protect our children is in all of us.  Unfortunately, you, the pro-abortion crowd, and abortion mills such as Planned Parenthood have suppressed this instinct in favor of political expediency and money.

Mr. President, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, of all people, has signaled that he may be receptive to allowing a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Getting this bill through a left-leaning, pro-abortion Senate will be a very heavy lift unless you weigh in on the side of life.  You recently said you would veto this bill if it passed because “it shows contempt for women’s’ health and rights, the role doctors play in their patients’ health care decisions, and the Constitution.”  Sir, with all due respect, this has to be one the most asinine and incomprehensible statements you have ever made; and trust me, the list to choose from is quite long.

Where to begin?  How does a bill designed to protect fully developed babies from a horrific death and women from unsafe medical procedures show contempt for women’s health and rights?  How does the requirement that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion clinic show contempt for women’s health?  How does protecting the lives of unborn babies and their mothers show contempt for the Constitution?

Since I’m batting a thousand on not getting replies to my letters I won’t hold my breath waiting for your reply to this one.  Hopefully, your interns or some low level staffer charged with reading your mail will see something in one of my letters that moves them to the pro-life side of the aisle.

In the words of Dante, “There’s a special place in hell for those who in times of moral crisis choose to do nothing.”  Mr. President, when comes to protecting our Nation’s unborn children, you have chosen to do nothing.

cc: Planned Parenthood


Letter to Planned Parenthood #47

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave.  NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Cecile Richards

 July 14, 2014

 Ms. Richards:

The ongoing humanitarian disaster at our southern border is a national tragedy.  The daily slaughter of innocent children in your abortion mills is, in all probability, the worst human disaster in the history of the world.  One can only wonder how many of the desperate little girls now flooding across our border will eventually become clients of your evil empire.  The chaos currently playing out in our border states was instigated by your friends in the White House.  Like you, pain and suffering is of no consequence to them as long as it leads to what they want.

For a few hundred dollars your organization will kill an unborn child on demand, with no regard for its Right to life or the health of its mother.  It’s all about the numbers for Planned Parenthood.  It’s how many babies you can kill and how much money you can get for doing it.  Nothing else matters.  Your business plan is a zero sum game and will eventually collapse under its fatally flawed premise and the weight of your collective immorality.  Until then, millions more innocent children will be doomed to die just as their lives are beginning.

An organization such as yours, founded by a racist eugenicist, is a blight on all of humanity.  Nothing you do serves the greater good or your fellow man.  Killing children for money is an affront to any civilized standard of human behavior; yet your doors will swing open tomorrow morning and the killing will resume.  Ms. Richards, why, in your mind, does an innocent child deserve to die?  Why were you and I allowed to be born and why should any other child be afforded any less consideration?

As I’ve stated many times before, The Universe has a perfect accounting system, and your account is way overdrawn.  The world’s children have paid a heavy price for your crimes against humanity, and you will pay a heavy price when your day of reckoning comes.  I wish you know harm, and I sincerely hope that you reach an awakening and realize the error of your ways before it’s too late.  You have to know somewhere in your heart that the work you do will eventually result in your undoing.  Spending one’s days killing children and fighting to be able to kill even more cannot, under any scenario, end well for Planned Parenthood and its enablers.

Ms. Richards, I’ll continue to ask you to stop killing children and I promise you I will never give up.  The world’s children deserve no less.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc: Planned Parenthood                                                                                   ,

Salisbury, Md.