Contradictions #2

This week a Wisconsin judge struck down a law requiring doctors working in abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  His justification was that the benefit of insuring continuity of care for women injured during an abortion was outweighed by the “burden” that would be imposed upon them when trying to find a “qualified” facility at which to have their unborn child killed.  As a country, have we devolved to the point that preventing any inconvenience to a woman seeking to have her child killed is enforceable by law?  An individuals’ right to life, our most sacred founding principle, is being challenged, and won by bottom feeders like Planned Parenthood.

While the abortion industry was winning another battle in their fight to be able to kill more babies, our President was continuing his administration’s negotiations with Iran; negotiations that the whole world knows will lead to Iran developing nuclear weapons.  Ask yourself why a nation like Iran, sitting on over half a trillion barrels of oil, would want a nuclear program for anything other than a means to develop weapons.  This week, as negotiations continued, Iran’s Supreme Leader endorsed an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on America.  It has been estimated that an EMP attack on our country would result in about 90% of us dying, yet our President feels he can trust a regime that is the world’s largest State sponsor of terrorism to abide by any agreement that is reached.

I weigh the words and actions of those that many of us choose to follow without question, and see nothing but contradictions.  I see our elected leaders swearing an oath to protect and defend all of us, while many of them support abortion on demand.  I lay awake at night, as visions of the bloodied bodies of all the children we allowed America’s abortion industry to kill each day run through my head.  I watch as Planned Parenthood promotes itself as a health care provider, when all they really want to do is kill more children.  I wonder daily if all the contradictions I see are seen only by me.  I wonder, at times, if I’m missing something, and that I could do more if I knew more.

Too many of us accept the status quo and choose not to worry about anything that we feel doesn’t affect us.  We go about our lives as thousands of unborn children are killed every day, and ignore the fact that our President is appeasing terrorists while he throws Israel under the bus.  As I write this on a Sunday morning, my country is focused on March Madness and who will make it to the Final Four.  My focus is on the madness that will allow over 3,000 innocent children to be killed tomorrow.  Without the gift of life, March Madness, complaining about an inept President, and fighting laws that allow our children to be killed would not be possible.

The ultimate contradiction is living your life while fighting to deny life to others.  We tread a slippery slope when we value one life over another and choose to look the other way as the weakest among us are killed by the millions.

Letter to John Kerry #2

U.S. Department of State

2201 C Street NW

Washington, D.C.  20520

Attn: Secretary of State John Kerry

 March 9, 2015

 Mr. Secretary:

Let’s begin by assessing your skills as a negotiator.  To date, the only successful negotiations you have ever been a party to consist of you talking 2 rich women into marrying you.  An admittedly impressive feat, but I would postulate that this skill-set does not necessarily translate into you being able to save the world from a nuclear holocaust.  The word on the streets is that the Iranians are handing you your ass on a daily basis as you negotiate a timetable for them to obtain nuclear weapons.  Yes, I said a timetable for them to obtain nuclear weapons.  You and the Obama administration are so desperate to cut any kind of deal with Iran; there is no longer any doubt that they will be able to develop nuclear weapons.  The only question now is how soon.

Your first mistake in this doomed venture is negotiating with a rogue regime that’s the chief funding source for terrorism around the world.  Your second mistake is treating the Iranian government as honest brokers when they shout “Death to America” while clearly stating their goal of exterminating the State of Israel.  Your third mistake is drinking the Kool-Aid of an amateurish administration that is clearly over its head when it comes to managing foreign affairs; or frankly, managing anything more complicated than a golf outing.

Mr. Secretary, my primary focus in life is ending abortion and protecting children.  Trying to talk an inept administration out of stumbling into a nuclear pact with a Muslim extremist State, determined to kill hundreds of millions of people, necessarily dovetails into my mission.  We have no foundation of trust or any means to verify compliance by Iran with any deal you may broker.  You are dealing with a regime that has everything to gain and nothing to lose.  When one party in a negotiation is willing to promise anything as a means to its ends, with no intentions of honoring any of its promises, the party across the table losses, and loses badly.

National Security Advisor Susan Rice says we can’t make Iran unlearn what they know about producing nuclear weapons.  She’s right, so does that mean we just let them do it as long as they agree to tell us when they’ve finally produced them?   What is the upside to providing a path to nuclear weapons to a nation that no one trusts, and then watching as the rest of the Arab world develops their own nuclear weapons in order to defend themselves against an apocalyptic State awaiting the 12th Imam?

Mr. Secretary, a Middle East arms race instigated by a nation like Iran cannot be spun into a diplomatic victory for America or the world.  A nuclear Iran will endanger us all and must not be allowed to happen.  Walk away, impose crippling economic sanctions, and support regime change.  If none of the above works, give Israel the green light and watch how principled leaders defend their nations against clear and present dangers from lunatic regimes.

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Letter to President Obama #103

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

 March 3, 2015

 Mr. President:

A true leader, a man of honor and integrity, addressed a joint session of Congress today; and you were nowhere to be seen.  As a matter of fact, you had put the word out days ago that you would be watching ESPN or listening to Jay Z as Benjamin Netanyahu spoke.  Your petulance and disrespect for one of our staunchest allies is breathtaking; but we’ve come to expect no less from an American administration that’s become the laughing-stock of the world.

Mr. President, while Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for the survival of his nation, you seem to be hell-bent on destroying ours.  In the process, you are negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran that essentially gives them everything they want, including the capability to produce nuclear weapons.  A skeptic could conclude that you don’t care about Israel.  For the record, count me as a skeptic.

Then again, there are lots of things you don’t seem to care about; like the lives of our unborn children, their security and financial future if they’re lucky enough to be born, and the rule of law in a country that’s supposed to be governed by the rule of law.  Come to think of it, about the only thing you really seem to care about is exercising your obsessive narcissism and trying to appear competent in a world that sees you as a joke.

Mr. President, if I’m coming off as disrespectful, then I’ve made my point.  While I wish you no harm, I just want you to go away.  Spend the next 2 years on the golf course; travel the world on my dime, or just hang out at the White House with Al Sharpton.  Just stop trying to be something you’re not; a leader.

Mr. President, in spite of all the damage you’ve done as the worst President in our history; most of it can be undone as soon as you are shown the door.  What can’t be undone are the deaths of over 8 million unborn children who will have died in America’s abortion mills during your tenure.  You can’t take back your ringing endorsement of Planned Parenthood and you can’t get a redo on your inaction as millions of innocent children died.

Sir, while I’m profoundly embarrassed that you are the leader of the free world, this too shall pass.  If you choose not to take my advice to do nothing for the next 2 years, put on your big boy pants and dust off your pocket constitution.  Reread your oath of office and think about the welfare of your country for a change, and not yourself.  After 103 letters to you over the past couple years, I’m expecting to be audited any day now.  I’m confident however, that the IRS is just as screwed up as everything else in your administration, so I’ll take my chances.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc:  Planned Parenthood



Letter to President Obama #70

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

November 26, 2013

Mr. President:

Apparently you’re not satisfied with enabling the abortion of millions of American children and saddling the rest of your country with ObamaCare.  Now, you’ve struck a deal with the Iranian government that leaves our friends in Israel swinging in the breeze, waiting for the inevitable nuclear strike from the radical Mullahs ruling Iran.  Based on your complacency as America’s children are slaughtered, it’s obvious that you are pro-abortion.  Based on your callous disregard for the security of Israel, it’s painfully obvious that you are anti-Semitic as well.

Mr. President, why do you not have a problem with the killing of babies and Jews?  Why do you feel that the slaughter of human beings by the millions is justified simply by their religious beliefs or the fact that they are residing in their mothers’ wombs?  The citizens of Israel, just like the unborn children of America, have a God-given Right to life and should be able to reasonably expect that their fellow human beings will respect that Right.  The citizens of Israel and the world’s unborn children should know that men and women of honor and integrity will fight for their Right to live their lives.

Mr. President, if America won’t stand up for our children and our allies, what will we stand up for?  If our word and our sacred trust can no longer be relied on, who can we expect to come to our aid in our time of need?  A cynical person could think that your rush deal to supposedly prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon was pure politics.  ObamaCare has been a red herring and you needed to change the news cycle, so why not make it look like you reached a grand bargain with a bunch of radical Islamic nuts to keep them from nuking Israel.  The problem is, the cynics are right.  Iran can’t be trusted and neither can you.  If the nuclear deal with Iran is such a great deal, why is it only for 6 months?

Mr. President, let’s face it.  You’re an amateur.  You don’t have the expertise to be negotiating the security of the world with thugs willing to destroy their nation for their radical ideology.  Sir, if you want to change the world for the better, work to end the killing of our unborn children.  Work to save the most vulnerable among us and get out of Israel’s way so they can do what we all know needs to be done about Iran’s nuclear program.

Mr. President, I stand with the world’s unborn children and will do so until the day I die.  I stand with Israel and will also do so until the day I die.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.

cc:  Planned Parenthood