Contradictions #2

This week a Wisconsin judge struck down a law requiring doctors working in abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  His justification was that the benefit of insuring continuity of care for women injured during an abortion was outweighed by the “burden” that would be imposed upon them when trying to find a “qualified” facility at which to have their unborn child killed.  As a country, have we devolved to the point that preventing any inconvenience to a woman seeking to have her child killed is enforceable by law?  An individuals’ right to life, our most sacred founding principle, is being challenged, and won by bottom feeders like Planned Parenthood.

While the abortion industry was winning another battle in their fight to be able to kill more babies, our President was continuing his administration’s negotiations with Iran; negotiations that the whole world knows will lead to Iran developing nuclear weapons.  Ask yourself why a nation like Iran, sitting on over half a trillion barrels of oil, would want a nuclear program for anything other than a means to develop weapons.  This week, as negotiations continued, Iran’s Supreme Leader endorsed an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on America.  It has been estimated that an EMP attack on our country would result in about 90% of us dying, yet our President feels he can trust a regime that is the world’s largest State sponsor of terrorism to abide by any agreement that is reached.

I weigh the words and actions of those that many of us choose to follow without question, and see nothing but contradictions.  I see our elected leaders swearing an oath to protect and defend all of us, while many of them support abortion on demand.  I lay awake at night, as visions of the bloodied bodies of all the children we allowed America’s abortion industry to kill each day run through my head.  I watch as Planned Parenthood promotes itself as a health care provider, when all they really want to do is kill more children.  I wonder daily if all the contradictions I see are seen only by me.  I wonder, at times, if I’m missing something, and that I could do more if I knew more.

Too many of us accept the status quo and choose not to worry about anything that we feel doesn’t affect us.  We go about our lives as thousands of unborn children are killed every day, and ignore the fact that our President is appeasing terrorists while he throws Israel under the bus.  As I write this on a Sunday morning, my country is focused on March Madness and who will make it to the Final Four.  My focus is on the madness that will allow over 3,000 innocent children to be killed tomorrow.  Without the gift of life, March Madness, complaining about an inept President, and fighting laws that allow our children to be killed would not be possible.

The ultimate contradiction is living your life while fighting to deny life to others.  We tread a slippery slope when we value one life over another and choose to look the other way as the weakest among us are killed by the millions.