Letter to President Obama #108

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

October 3, 2015

Mr. President:

Every time a mass killing involving a firearm takes place in America you trot to the podium, fire up your teleprompter, and proceed to lecture the country on the liberal mantra of taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding people.  Even an utterly inept leader like you has to know that an insane lunatic hell-bent on killing as many people as possible will find a way to do it; gun or no gun.  Mr. President, institutions that advertise that they are gun-free zones are inviting any idiot, who may be so inclined, to come in and start shooting, because no one will be returning fire.

Sir, for the last time, gun control laws are only obeyed by law-abiding citizens.  Taking guns from law-abiding citizens tilts the balance in favor of the criminals.  Just look at your home town of Chicago.  Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country, and gun violence is out of control there.  When can we expect you to make a statement on the black on black violence that is killing scores of young men in our inner cities?

Mr. President, mass killings take place every day in America and you say nothing.  Over 3,000 unborn children are killed every day in our nation’s abortion mills and you not only say nothing; you heartily endorse Planned Parenthood and their partners in crime.  The death toll every day in America’s abortion mills by far eclipses the total number of Americans killed in all the mass shootings in the history of our country.

Mr. President, in order to have any credibility, you have to be consistent when it comes to expressing outrage over the killing of innocent human beings.  An unborn child killed by an abortionist deserves to live just as much as an innocent person killed by a gun wielding lunatic. And a child surviving a botched abortion should be afforded life saving medical intervention, contrary to your position of doing nothing and letting the child die.  In your perverse logic, if you were trying to kill the child and failed, just let it die; right?

Mr. President, guns aren’t the problem in America.  A lack of respect for the sanctity of life is the problem.  We entertain ourselves with violence and promote the elective killing of unborn human beings, and then express outrage when one of us kills a lot of us.  Until we realize that every human life is priceless and allow innocent people sitting in a classroom or church the opportunity to defend themselves from crazed lunatics, mass shootings will continue.  The killing of thousands of unborn children will end when leaders with courage (not you) stand up on the side of life.

All my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Write back and I’ll publish your reply, unedited.

cc: Planned Parenthood

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

For 2 years now, Congress has been toying with the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and all they have accomplished is, well…….nothing.  The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would ban dismemberment abortions, or more plainly stated, ripping a 5 month old unborn baby apart in order to kill it, with the baby able to feel the pain of every rip and tear as it is killed.

You would think that in a country founded primarily on every human beings’ inherent right to life, bills such as this would not be necessary.  A reasonable person could also conclude that in a country like America it would never be legal to kill over 1 million unborn children every year.  I only wish that all my fellow Americans could be haunted by the visions of the bloody dead bodies of innocent children being ripped from their mothers’ wombs, as I am, every hour of every day.  Maybe then, we would realize, as a society, that funding evil organizations like Planned Parenthood and allowing thousands of innocent babies to be killed every day is contrary to the principles we were founded upon, and flies in the face of civilized human behavior.

Why are we debating whether pain-capable babies should be protected from agonizing deaths when our focus should be on protecting every unborn child at every stage of development?  If we fail to stop the elective killing of any unborn child instead of debating the merits of not killing them only if they can feel it, we are lost.   When we find ourselves arguing over whether we hurt a child while killing it, we miss the point.  If we simply stop killing unborn children, the timing of when and how they can be killed is rendered mute.

In a perfect world we would not have to pass laws to prevent the killing of unborn children, but until we change enough hearts and minds, we have to pass bills like the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  The House has already passed their version of it.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.  The Senate failed to reach cloture even though their version got a majority 54 votes.  Harry Reid’s Senate approved Federal judges with the so-called nuclear option, a simple 51 vote majority.  If the Republican leadership had any courage, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would be passed under the same rules.

Even if the Senate musters the courage to pass this bill, President Obama will veto it.  I look forward to the President explaining to the American people why he supports Planned Parenthood and why he doesn’t have a problem with dismemberment abortion.

If we stop allowing our unborn children to be killed by an industry of death tomorrow, 60 million will have already died.  Generations from now, when historians are able to objectively assess the events of this era, abortion, especially dismemberment abortion, will be seen as the greatest human tragedy of all time.

One Year Later

Last September ISIS was brutalizing the Middle East and thousands of unborn children were being killed every day in the country I love.  Fast forward 1 year, and nothing much has changed.  The worst President in our country’s history is still inept and still clueless.  When I wrote the following letter to President Obama a little over a year ago, I was frustrated with the lack of leadership and moral clarity coming from the Oval Office.  A year later, my frustration continues to grow.

The terrorists of the world can see the weakness America is projecting, and they’re emboldened by it.  As human beings, we are honor bound to protect innocent lives whether they are in the path of terrorists or resting comfortably in their mothers’ wombs.

Since the President didn’t answer this letter the first time around, I figured I had nothing to lose by taking another shot at it.  The following letter, written on Sept. 3rd of last year, states my case for fighting terrorism and saving babies.  I await the President’s reply.


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

September 3, 2014

Mr. President:

Shortly after 9/11 your good friend and mentor Jeremiah Wright said “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”  The culture of death in America’s abortion mills and the rise of fanatical terrorist organizations throughout the world is the Universe telling us to change our ways.  Statements from a racist hate-monger like Jeremiah Wright mean nothing.  Human suffering and death at the hands of murderous organizations like Planned Parenthood and ISIS are real and present dangers to our way of life and must be dealt with now; not kicked down the road for future generations to deal with.

Statements from you that an organization like ISIS can be reduced to a manageable threat level shows that you truly are an amateur.  Mr. President, the civilized world cannot co-exist with evil; it must eliminate evil.  How do we end the practice of killing our unborn children for money or stop Islamic thugs from murdering thousands of innocent people if we don’t even have the courage to call evil out by name?  Your administration refuses to call ISIS an Islamic terrorist organization even though they use the word Islamic in their name.  You call the elective killing of an unborn child abortion, pregnancy termination, and a woman’s right to choose.  You lack the courage to call Islamic goons what they are and turn your head as over a million unborn children are murdered in the womb every year in America, and wonder why our chickens have come home to roost.

Mr. President, your ineptitude and contemptuous disregard for moral clarity have placed the world and your country in danger.  You allow thousands of innocent American children to be killed every day, but you’re reluctant to take the fight to a gang of blood-thirsty terrorists.  Sir, if any of your advisors have a shred of honesty in them they will tell you that you are projecting an image of weakness to the world.  Like it or not, we are in a war with Islamic terrorists.  You have 2 choices; win the war or do nothing and allow the world to descend into anarchy.  This is no time for the leader of the free world to become a linguini-spined, blubbering dunce.  Get with the program and start doing what you swore an oath to do.

Mr. President, this is a seminal moment for America.  We have a unique opportunity to show the world the true meaning of courage and commitment.  We can end the killing of our unborn children and show the world how we respect the Right of every unborn child to be born and to make the most of the gift of life they have been given.  We can show the world that we have the moral courage to fight those who would take innocent lives in the name of an insane ideology and to eliminate evil from the face of the earth.

cc:  Planned Parenthood



Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The 8th Amendment to the Constitution prevents all Americans from suffering cruel and unusual punishment; or does it?  The States that still allow capital punishment are twisting themselves into knots trying to agree on a 3 drug cocktail to be used to kill condemned criminals.  Their convoluted logic is that they want to insure that the person they will be killing won’t suffer as they are killed.  Just as I oppose abortion, I also oppose capital punishment.  Killing an individual convicted of committing a heinous crime will do nothing to undo the crime.

Before carrying out the death sentence on a convicted criminal, the criminal is allowed numerous appeals, and the State goes to great pains to insure that the individual being killed is given time to make peace with his or her Creator, to enjoy a last meal, and to make a last statement.  On the day the sentence is to be carried out, members from the media, law enforcement, the victim’s family, and the condemned’s family are invited to witness the execution.

Since 1973 over 60 million unborn children have been executed by America’s abortion industry.  Over the same time period less than 2,000 convicted criminals have been executed.  None of the 60 million innocent children were allowed to appeal their sentence and no one was invited to witness their execution.  The abortion industry takes no measures to mitigate the suffering of an innocent child as it is killed.  On the contrary, they resort to saline poisoning, dismemberment, and partial-birth abortion to ply their deadly, but profitable trade.

Over 1 million unborn children will be killed this year in America.  They’ve committed no crime and are being killed for simply expressing their God-given right to life.  If a million adults were executed this year how long do you think it would take for the death penalty to be repealed?  Every human life is equally priceless, so why do we place a higher value on a condemned criminal than an innocent child?

Whatever your opinion is on abortion, no one can deny that ripping an unborn 5 month old baby from its mother’s womb by dismemberment is cruel and unusual punishment; punishment for simply being alive in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The children being killed by dismemberment abortion, or dilation and evacuation as the abortion industry prefers to call it, can feel every rip and tear as they are being killed.

Cruel and unusual punishment is not the exclusive domain of terrorist thugs like ISIS. It goes on every day at Planned Parenthood clinics all over America.  The Senate is poised to take up the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act any day now, and President Obama has vowed to veto it.  The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will end dismemberment abortion and save countless innocent lives.  Cruel and unusual punishment will never end until abortion does.  And dismemberment abortion won’t be banned until hearts and minds are changed.  I won’t rest until every unborn child is safe from the moment of conception.


It’s been said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  While first impressions are important, they often don’t paint an accurate picture.  Look at President Obama.  He made one good speech in 2004, that someone else wrote for him, and was immediately anointed as a future President.  Fast forward from his American Idol ascendance to the Presidency in 2008 to the present, and it’s painfully obvious that first impressions can be deceiving.

Take a look at a Planned Parenthood brochure.  The pictures of smiling, attractive young people would lead you to believe that a Planned Parenthood clinic is anything but a place you go to pay to have your child killed.  Even though abortion is their principle source of revenue, they go to great pains to make you believe otherwise.  They know that practicing truth in advertising and publishing pictures of the bloody dead bodies of the children that entered their clinics alive would probably be bad for business.  Pointing out in their literature that they kill over 300,000 children every year would put a damper on the happy-feely impression they are trying to make.

We all make our unique impressions on the world with our words and actions; but it’s never a complete picture.  While the things we say and do leave an impression, the words we don’t say and the actions we choose not to take leave an equally indelible mark.  When we choose to not speak out or take action in the face of evil, we allow evil to advance its agenda.  We all choose our paths as a result of the impressions made upon us by others.  We make our greatest impressions when we act with an inner knowing that we are playing our role towards a goal that is much bigger and much more important than either of us.

When we choose our paths and answer our callings we must do so with a courage of conviction that is unwavering. Only when we are willing to lose everything for the cause we believe in, are we able to manifest miracles and bring about true change.  The world’s unborn children represent the unbroken chain of humanity that confirms intelligent design and the existence of our Creator.  Our duty to protect His creations is our most important obligation, and the results of our actions in the pursuit of this endeavor yield the impressions that change the world.

One life saved is a worthy goal of a lifetime of toil.  A lifetime of toil, absent a focus on service to others, is a wasted opportunity to make an impression that inspires others to perform works they had once only dreamed of.  The impressions we leave behind are evidence of the brief flash of light that represents the life we were given, and the manner in which we embraced it.  Life is fleeting, but priceless.  Preserve it, protect it, and strive to inspire others to hold it in reverence.


What’s in a Word?

The current occupant of the White House refers to abortion as a woman’s “core constitutional right.”  I’ve read the constitution numerous times and must have missed the section that affirms one’s right to kill an innocent child right up to the moment of its birth.  Our words have consequences just like our actions do.  President Obama’s words and actions confirm that he is the most abortion-friendly President in history.  He claims to be pro-choice as part of the narcissistic charade he has thrust upon our nation for over 6 years now.   Pro-choice and pro-abortion are one and the same.  If you endorse a woman’s right to choose to have her child killed, you are pro-abortion.  If you’re pro-abortion, at least you have the courage to say what you believe; however misguided your beliefs may be.

I’m proudly,unapologetic about my pro-life views.  There is no wiggle room in pro-life.  Either you’re pro-life without exception, or you’re pro-choice; and pro-choice means you don’t oppose the elective killing of innocent children.  Words have meaning and the words we speak and the words we believe not only affect our lives, but the lives of countless others.  The words we don’t have the courage to speak also affect our lives and the lives of others.  If the words I write on behalf of the pro-life movement offend anyone; so be it.  If the words I write about the ugly truth of abortion make those on the fence about this grisly practice uneasy; good.

The words I write are not written in an effort to pander to those who agree with me.  My work and my mission in life are to find the right words to convince those on the other side to take a leap of faith to the pro-life side.  There is no gray area between being alive and being dead.  You can’t be a little bit pro-life any more than you can be pro-abortion; but only in so called special circumstances.  If you’re not all in for life then you are an enabler for those who feel abortion on demand is a woman’s right.  The abortion industry relies on clever word games to convince us that an unborn child isn’t a child until it is born.  They know that speaking the truth and admitting that their only interest is killing as many unborn children as possible for as much money as possible will be their undoing.

What’s in a word?  Our Creator moved mountains and created a universe with words. As human beings, we can change attitudes and change the world with nothing more than words.  In the pro-life movement our words confirm our beliefs and communicate our vision for a world where every child is guaranteed its right to life from the moment of conception.  The words and actions of those of us in the pro-life community are all that stands between our unborn children and a blood-thirsty abortion industry.  Choose your words carefully.  It’s a matter of life and death.

Letter to Mitch McConnell #2

Senator Mitch McConnell

317 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20510

 January 6, 2015

  Senator McConnell:

Last November I asked you to bring the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act up for a vote as soon as you assumed the role of Majority Leader in the Senate.  Your predecessor blocked this bill for over a year and a half so President Obama wouldn’t have to veto a bill designed to save pain-capable babies from indescribably painful deaths.  He chose politics over the lives of innocent children.  What will you do?

Senator, there is no downside to standing up for life.  There will be no political price to pay for banning abortions of unborn children who can feel the pain of being killed.  The new Senate has plenty of work to do, but nothing more important than passing this bill.  Stand up for life and make President Obama explain to the American people why he approves of killing pain-capable babies by the thousands.

America has a lot of problems right now, and most of them can be traced back to how we treat the most vulnerable among us.  Sir, our unborn children don’t have a voice and don’t have a vote.  What they do have is the gift of life; the very same gift of life that you and I were granted by our Creator.  We are honor bound to protect each other and morally bound to protect our unborn children.  The American people soundly rejected the policies of the most abortion-friendly President in history last November.  They sent a message to you and every other elected official that business as usual will no longer be tolerated.

Senator, you have the votes in the Senate to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  Your colleagues in the House passed it in June of 2013.  All it will take from you is the courage to allow an up or down vote in the Senate. There is no logical reason for delaying a vote on this bill.  There is no logical reason for President Obama to veto it.  There is no logical reason to not pass this bill even if the President does veto it.

You and your colleagues serve at the pleasure of your constituents.  Most Americans oppose abortion and an overwhelming majority opposes abortion beyond 20 weeks.   Common sense would seem to dictate that you and every other elected official serve the best interests of the ones that put you in office.  Common sense would seem to dictate that if you see innocent children being killed and have the power to stop it, you do just that.

Senator, bottom line; every day this bill is not acted upon, innocent children die horrible, senseless deaths.  Pass the bill, override the President’s veto, and stand up for America’s unborn children.

All my letters are published on my prolife blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Should you choose to reply I’ll publish it, unedited.