Degrees of Outrage #5

The flavors of the week for outrage in America are President Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution and the looming grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri.  Parties on both sides of both issues are jostling for the greatest degree of apoplectic rage so they can be seen as the gatekeepers of all that is right and just.  Other than pegging the red line on their blood pressure meters with their collective indignation, most of those on both sides have one other thing in common.  They know very little about what they are so mad about and would rather just be mad than informed.

As someone who enjoys reading people, I’m fascinated by how easy it is stir up an uninformed populace and to herd them like lemmings to behave in a manner of one’s choosing.  Just look at who they were convinced to elect as President; twice.  The dumb masses will generally do or think whatever they are nudged into.  They choose to take the path of least resistance and to follow the crowd, most often blissfully ignorant of the consequences of their actions and not even sure why they are taking them.

Bad people and deadly movements read people too.  They know they can incite outrage among the uninformed with phrases like “the war on women” and “a woman’s right to choose.”  They know that they can ply their deadly trade of killing babies for money by convincing the uninformed that abortion is women’s health care and that an unborn baby isn’t a living human being until they say it is.  Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, knows that the righteous outrage of an informed America would cut off the more than $500 million they get every year from the U.S. taxpayers.  They’ve developed very clever marketing strategies to portray the murder and mayhem they inflict on our unborn children as anything but what it actually is.

President Obama’s deliberate overreach of executive authority can be undone.  The opportunistic thugs, looking for a reason to plunder and loot Ferguson, Missouri will soon crawl back under their rocks.  These things are fleeting and will soon pass.  For every child that died today in America’s abortion mills, it’s over.  It can’t be undone and it can’t be made right.  Every unborn child, scheduled to die on Monday, can still be saved.  Instead of venting your outrage on a narcissistic pinhead trying to remain relevant, or a bunch of morons bent on imposing street justice, get mad about the killing of over 3,000 babies every day in America.

In my prior pieces on outrage I’ve opined that expressing outrage without taking positive steps to remedy the source of your anger is a total waste of time.  Unabated outrage, anger, violence, and hatred feed on those expressing these emotions.  They do nothing but dis-empower those wishing to be empowered.   Good works are empowering.  Defending innocent children is empowering.  Standing on principle for something you believe in, regardless of the consequences, will always trump outrage.

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