The Game of Life

I have mixed emotions on the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling.  I believe that marriage is supposed to be a bond between a man and a woman.  I also believe that 2 people who love each other should be able to live their lives together as they see fit, regardless of their gender, as long as they understand the consequences of their actions.  The rule book (the Bible) says that marriage is between a man and a woman. I didn’t write the rule book and I don’t question the wisdom of the One who made the rules.  As a sinner, who am I to judge other sinners?

Stacked up against abortion, terrorism, and a general decline in civilization as we know it, gay marriage is way down on my list of things to worry about.  I believe that whether you are gay, straight, black, white, or otherwise, you have the same right to life as anyone else.  This right to life begins at conception.  What we do with our lives is up to each of us as individuals, and we all will be held to account for the actions we take in the exercise of our free will.

I look at life as a game.  As with any game, there are rules for the game of life.  We kill our unborn children under cover of the laws of man and fool ourselves into thinking we are playing by the rules.  We ignore that little voice in our heads and tell ourselves that since it’s legal it must be right.  We pick and choose among the rules in the rule book and ignore the ones that inconvenience us.  We tell ourselves that some of the rules are more important than others and that everything will work out in the end.

The highest court in the greatest country on earth has given us abortion, gay marriage, and ObamoCare.  9 lawyers in black robes have literally changed the course of history in America.  Their 5-4 decision in Roe v Wade has resulted in the deaths of over 60 million unborn children since 1973.  It’s time for term limits and accountability for the Supreme Court.  It’s time for them to step back into the game and get back to calling balls and strikes, not creating laws from the bench and imposing their politically motivated views on a Constitutional Republic.

Once again, as one who is more flawed than most, I don’t claim the moral high ground on anything.  What I do know, with every fiber of my being, is that killing unborn children is wrong.  I also know,beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my purpose in life is to end the practice of abortion. In pursuit of my purpose I will play the game of life as I see fit. Anyone I offend along the way will just have to deal with it.  And any child I’m lucky enough to save will have a lot of choices to make as they play their own game of life.

Letter to Governor O’Malley #3

Governor Martin O’Malley

100 State Circle

Annapolis, Md.  21401-1925

 July 1, 2014

Governor O’Malley:

 Since your days as Mayor of Baltimore you’ve been an embarrassment to those of us on the conservative side of the aisle in Maryland.  Never have I been less proud to be a citizen of Maryland than yesterday.  Upon learning that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, in a landmark ruling on the side of life, you had the audacity to urge everyone to send Wendy Davis a campaign donation.   Governor, what does it say about our state when our Governor endorses the spokeswoman for late-term abortion in America?

In a recent letter to you I asked you to declare Maryland an abortion-free zone.  Since you never replied, and in light of your recent remarks, I think I can safely assume that you won’t be honoring my request.  Your extreme pro-abortion position will be part of your undoing in the 2016 Presidential campaign.  I’m predicting that Hillary won’t run.  That means you may have a shot at being the Democrat Party’s nominee.  You’ll get support from the far-left and you’ll lose in a landslide.

Sir, as the Governor of a safe haven for late-term abortionists, you preside over the killing of countless unborn children every day.  These children are countless because our state decided to stop counting them in 2006.  The worst of the worst set up shop in Maryland, kill children under the clueless noses of the Md. Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene, and rake in millions of dollars in tax-free income while plying their deadly trade.

Governor O’Malley, you’ve added 40 new taxes to law abiding Marylanders while abortion providers get a free ride.  You’ve even gone as far as taxing the rain in our state while turning a blind eye to unregulated abortion providers.  Governor, it will not end well for a society that allows its unborn children to be killed under cover of the law.  It will not end well for elected officials who climb to the top on the bodies of dead children.

Governor, an elected official like you wields enormous influence.  You have the power to save lives and to end the slaughter of innocent children.  Your words and actions will carry consequences long after you are no longer relevant.  Sir, at the end of your life will you be proud of the fact that you have promoted and enabled the killing of thousands of innocent children?  Will you breathe your last breath wishing you had made it easier to kill more, or changed course and worked to insure that every new life got its chance to make its mark on the world?

I’m publishing my letters to you on my pro-life blog at  I’ll publish your replies too, should you take the time to do so.  Sir, I’m committed to ending abortion in my State and my country.  I invite you to help.


Letter to NARAL #7

NARAL Pro-Choice America

1156 15th Street

Suite 700

Washington, D.C.  20005

Attn:    Elyse Hogue

 June 27, 2014

Ms. Hogue:

It appears that NARAL and all its friends in the pro-abortion camp are really wound up over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Massachusetts law that provided a 35 foot buffer zone around abortion clinics.  What’s not to be upset about?  Now, a woman walking to an abortion clinic to have her child killed may have to walk by someone asking her to reconsider her decision to kill an innocent human being.

Ms. Hogue, while you insist that buffer zones would prevent violence outside abortion clinics, you fail to mention the violence that occurs inside.  The handful of violent incidents outside abortion clinics since 1973 pales in comparison to the 56 million murders that have taken place inside during the interim.

The 35 foot buffer zone that you claim to be so fond of was nothing more than a means for you to try to validate a practice that is an affront to humanity.  By placing a so-called protective buffer between someone trying to kill a child and those feeling a moral obligation to protect children you claim protected status for baby killers.  A chalk line 35 feet from an abortion clinic door is nothing more than another gimmick in the abortion industry’s bag of tricks; a bag of tricks designed to focus attention away from the fact that thousands of tiny human beings are being killed every day on the other side of the line.

Ms. Hogue, the following statement, in your own words, sums up the hubris and hypocrisy of America’s industry of death and parasitic leeches like NARAL: “While the Supreme Court acknowledged that these laws play an important role in protecting women and doctors, the Justices made it more difficult for states to protect their citizens. Let’s be clear: today’s decision puts women and health care providers at greater risk. We will work to make sure that legislatures in states are focused on making clinics safe for women, free of harassment, intimidation, and violent acts.”

You say the buffer laws protect women and doctors.  Never once do you mention the innocent children who die every day from the violent acts you say that abortion clinics should be protected from.   Ms. Hogue, why do you label pro-lifers like me as anti-choice?  Me and my friends in the pro-life community have no problem with choice.  Our issue is with the killing of innocent children.

The Supreme Court enabled this mess we’re in when Roe v Wade became the law of the land.  It’s about time they started unraveling the web of death they sanctioned over 41 years ago.  And it’s about time organizations like NARAL started calling murder something other than choice.

As always, my letters to you are published on my pro-life blog at  Write back and I’ll publish it, unedited.



Personhood: Reposted

A little over a year ago I wrote a piece titled Personhood.  To America’s abortion industry, Personhood is a four letter word.  It represents everything they refuse to acknowledge.  Personhood rightly conveys living, human status to an unborn child, thereby invoking the protection of their right to life under our Constitution.  Planned Parenthood would have you believe that an unborn child does not become a living human being until they say it does.  Personhood means to them that they will have to stop killing babies for money and get a real job.

On a week during which the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare, the abortion industry’s best friend, and trashed our Constitution with several other acts of legislation from the bench, I felt today was a good time to revisit the reality of personhood, and reflect on the most important of all our rights; the right to life.  Essential, divinely ordained human rights can’t be changed or created out of thin air by a cadre of 9 tenured for life jurists, overreaching their authority on the whims of political correctness.

Personhood is granted at conception, at the same instant every new life is granted the gift of life.  The following piece, written on May 1 of last year, states my case for personhood.  Nothing will ever change my position on personhood and I will continue to fight for every unborn child’s right to life; for as long as it takes.




The Alabama Supreme Court’s recent ruling that unborn children are afforded personhood and equal protection under the law, as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, may be the death-knell for abortion.  If an unborn child is afforded constitutional protection at every stage of its life, Roe v Wade is rendered mute; case closed.  I can stop writing letters.  Planned Parenthood is done.  If only it were so easy.  Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry will spend millions to overturn this ruling.  They know that once an unborn child is legally determined to be a living human being, i.e. a person, abortion will be defined under the law as something it already is; murder.  This is a very important step and one that I believe is a quantum leap forward for the pro-life movement.

I’m convinced that the knuckleheads we send to Washington won’t end abortion.  It’s up to the states to make this happen.  Organizations like the National Right to Life Committee and Personhood USA will end the killing.  NARAL calls Personhood USA an extreme anti-choice group.  Translated, that means Personhood USA respects every unborn child’s right to life.  Personhood measures are on the 2014 ballots in North Dakota and Colorado.  The abortion industry is scared and I like it.  There is no morally or ethically based reason to fight legislation that will codify the obvious; that an unborn child is a living human being.  Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards recently said that she didn’t consider her 3 children to be alive until the moment of their birth.  What, pray tell, did she think was growing and kicking inside her other than a living human being?

All the abortion industry has to work with is misinformation and denial.  They can’t be truthful about what they do and why they do it because they know that the ugly truth that they kill babies for money will put them out of business.  They know that killing babies is a multi-billion dollar business and that most people would be appalled at the extent of the slaughter in our country.  They don’t want the average American to know that another baby is killed every 26 seconds in the greatest country on earth.  They don’t want the average American to know that at 20 weeks and older an unborn baby can feel the pain of being killed.

Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry don’t want unborn children to be considered human.  They want you to believe that you become human only at the moment of your birth.  They want you to believe that a full-term, fully viable baby is not human until it completely leaves its mother’s body.  They want you to believe that this full-term baby can be delivered with only the very top of its head still in the birth canal, and then have its skull punctured and its brain suctioned from its body.  They want you to call this procedure partial-birth abortion; not murder.

I support a woman’s right to choose just about anything other than choosing to have her baby killed.  I believe that every baby is a living human being from the moment of conception and that its right to life is inviolable.  Humans are persons.  Babies are human.  Babies are persons.  Personhood places them off-limits to the abortionist.