Letter to Governor O’Malley #3

Governor Martin O’Malley

100 State Circle

Annapolis, Md.  21401-1925

 July 1, 2014

Governor O’Malley:

 Since your days as Mayor of Baltimore you’ve been an embarrassment to those of us on the conservative side of the aisle in Maryland.  Never have I been less proud to be a citizen of Maryland than yesterday.  Upon learning that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, in a landmark ruling on the side of life, you had the audacity to urge everyone to send Wendy Davis a campaign donation.   Governor, what does it say about our state when our Governor endorses the spokeswoman for late-term abortion in America?

In a recent letter to you I asked you to declare Maryland an abortion-free zone.  Since you never replied, and in light of your recent remarks, I think I can safely assume that you won’t be honoring my request.  Your extreme pro-abortion position will be part of your undoing in the 2016 Presidential campaign.  I’m predicting that Hillary won’t run.  That means you may have a shot at being the Democrat Party’s nominee.  You’ll get support from the far-left and you’ll lose in a landslide.

Sir, as the Governor of a safe haven for late-term abortionists, you preside over the killing of countless unborn children every day.  These children are countless because our state decided to stop counting them in 2006.  The worst of the worst set up shop in Maryland, kill children under the clueless noses of the Md. Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene, and rake in millions of dollars in tax-free income while plying their deadly trade.

Governor O’Malley, you’ve added 40 new taxes to law abiding Marylanders while abortion providers get a free ride.  You’ve even gone as far as taxing the rain in our state while turning a blind eye to unregulated abortion providers.  Governor, it will not end well for a society that allows its unborn children to be killed under cover of the law.  It will not end well for elected officials who climb to the top on the bodies of dead children.

Governor, an elected official like you wields enormous influence.  You have the power to save lives and to end the slaughter of innocent children.  Your words and actions will carry consequences long after you are no longer relevant.  Sir, at the end of your life will you be proud of the fact that you have promoted and enabled the killing of thousands of innocent children?  Will you breathe your last breath wishing you had made it easier to kill more, or changed course and worked to insure that every new life got its chance to make its mark on the world?

I’m publishing my letters to you on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  I’ll publish your replies too, should you take the time to do so.  Sir, I’m committed to ending abortion in my State and my country.  I invite you to help.


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