Letter to President Obama #3

Mr. President:

 May 27, 2013


As I write this letter my family is preparing to celebrate Memorial Day in honor of our nation’s fallen heroes who gave all to protect our God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These selfless men and women were not selective in who they were making the ultimate sacrifice for.  They died for all of us, including our children, born and unborn. Sir, we owe it to these heroes to insure that their sacrifice was not in vain.


When our Founders immortalized forever the words life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, life was first for a reason; for without life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are rendered mute.  The right to life is not reserved exclusively for our strongest but for the weakest and most vulnerable among us as well.


Mr. President, the continued slaughter of our unborn and newly born children in Americas’ abortion mills is a barbaric affront to all our fallen heroes and the values they died for.  The world looks to America as an example for all that is right and honorable, and the legal slaughter of our children is neither. Sir, our duty to preserve and protect the lives of our innocent children is a sacred trust we are honor bound to fulfill at any and all costs.


Please join me in working to defund Planned Parenthood and repealing Roe v. Wade.  Mr. President, all the pro-abortion positions you have taken in the past can be made right simply by a change in perspective and an expression of respect for the sanctity of all human life at all stages of life.  One pro-life statement from you can save millions of lives and change America forever.


Sir, during your first campaign for the Presidency you said you were going to fundamentally change America, and you have, for the worse.  Now is your chance to fundamentally change America for the better.  America is hungry for principled leadership.  Lead.


I await the non-reply to my unimportant concerns for the unborn from an uninterested, unwilling, administration whose interests are more focused on the next round of golf and the next gala White House concert.  Give Beyoncé my best.




Letter to President Obama #2

May 21, 2013

Like all my fellow Americans, I mourn the loss of 9 innocent children as a result of yesterday’s tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. I also mourn the loss of 40 innocent children every hour, every day in America’s abortion mills.

The children in Moore, Oklahoma had their whole lives in front of them as their day began yesterday. So did the nearly 1,000 unborn and newly born children who met their fate yesterday in an act of murder that our society chooses to call abortion.

I wonder if it would make a difference if the pro-abortion crowd knew that Planned Parenthood’s founder, avowed racist Margaret Sanger, established her evil empire with the expressed purpose of exterminating the black race, to whom she referred as human weeds. I wonder if they would care that you voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act three times while serving in the Illinois State Senate.

Mr. President, I know you have a lot on your plate these days with the Fast & Furious cover-up, the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS cover-up, the DOJ wiretapping cover-up, and the growing realization by even your fellow liberals that ObamaCare is a colossal disaster; so all I ask is that you take a few moments tonight to look into your heart and look into the mirror and ask yourself if the legal slaughter of our unborn children should be the legacy of the greatest human experiment in the history of the world.

Before this letter glides through the White House shredder think about the 55 million abortions performed in America since 1973 and what these lives could have contributed to the world. Hell, Mr. President, if it will help bring you to the pro-life side, think of all the tax revenue these lives would have contributed. Some of the uninformed among them may have even voted for you.

Sir, I feel so strongly about the pro-life movement that I plan to spend the rest of my life promoting a pro-life culture. I feel that I owe it to my 2 grandsons and all the innocent children of the world to do what I can to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Mr. President, it only takes an instant to change your mind and agree that our children deserve the same right to life that our Founders so eloquently enumerated for all of us on July 4, 1776. There’s plenty of room on my side and everyone is welcome. Please join us.

Letter to President Obama

May 12, 2013

I am the proud grandfather of 2 grandsons. My first grandson, who also happens to be my best friend in the world, is 2 years old and the joy of my life. My second grandson currently resides in my daughter’s tummy and is well past the halfway point in his development towards our first face to face meeting and embrace in September.

Mr. President, in my eyes and I’m sure in the eyes of our Creator, my yet unnamed second grandson is just as much alive and human as my 2 year old grandson, and has been so since the moment of his conception.

Sir, please explain to me why you think it should be legal, and more importantly, moral to slaughter our unborn children in America’s abortion mills, all while America’s taxpayers are forced to fund the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, to the tune of over $500 million a year.

As I watch my grandson jump up and down on his bed while counting “one, do, free, full”, the look of sheer joy on his face reminds me that millions of innocent children will never feel that joy because the greatest nation on earth sanctions the murder of its unborn.

Mr. President, after the Sandy Hook tragedy you made the statement that if your gun control agenda saved even 1 child’s life, it would be worth it. Sir, if you meant what you said about saving the lives of children, defund Planned Parenthood and support the repeal of Roe v. Wade and save hundreds of thousands of children each year.

Every new life represents unlimited human potential and every new life that ends at the hands of an abortionist diminishes us all.

Mr. President, do the right thing and support life in all its miraculous stages from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

I anxiously await the forthcoming auto-signed reply from your low level staff person with your pre-ordained talking points for letters such as mine.