Letter to President Obama #3

Mr. President:

 May 27, 2013


As I write this letter my family is preparing to celebrate Memorial Day in honor of our nation’s fallen heroes who gave all to protect our God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These selfless men and women were not selective in who they were making the ultimate sacrifice for.  They died for all of us, including our children, born and unborn. Sir, we owe it to these heroes to insure that their sacrifice was not in vain.


When our Founders immortalized forever the words life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, life was first for a reason; for without life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are rendered mute.  The right to life is not reserved exclusively for our strongest but for the weakest and most vulnerable among us as well.


Mr. President, the continued slaughter of our unborn and newly born children in Americas’ abortion mills is a barbaric affront to all our fallen heroes and the values they died for.  The world looks to America as an example for all that is right and honorable, and the legal slaughter of our children is neither. Sir, our duty to preserve and protect the lives of our innocent children is a sacred trust we are honor bound to fulfill at any and all costs.


Please join me in working to defund Planned Parenthood and repealing Roe v. Wade.  Mr. President, all the pro-abortion positions you have taken in the past can be made right simply by a change in perspective and an expression of respect for the sanctity of all human life at all stages of life.  One pro-life statement from you can save millions of lives and change America forever.


Sir, during your first campaign for the Presidency you said you were going to fundamentally change America, and you have, for the worse.  Now is your chance to fundamentally change America for the better.  America is hungry for principled leadership.  Lead.


I await the non-reply to my unimportant concerns for the unborn from an uninterested, unwilling, administration whose interests are more focused on the next round of golf and the next gala White House concert.  Give Beyoncé my best.




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