Letter to Planned Parenthood #4

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

1110 Vermont Ave. NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C.  20005


Attn:    Cecile Richards


July 13, 2013

Ms. Richards:




So it’s official; Texas has passed legislation that will end the killing of babies 20 weeks old and older.  As an added bonus, in all likelihood, 37 of 42 abortion mills in Texas will be forced to close.  While I’m savoring this victory, I’m not satisfied.  I want every abortion mill in America shut down.


I noticed yesterday that many of your signs; the ones not displaying a vulgar theme, stated “Cheaters Never Win.”  I don’t mean to pile on, but you guys can’t even get this right.  The correct terminology as espoused by Jon Huntsman in his book of the same title is “Winners Never Cheat.”  He also included the caveat “even in difficult times.”  Just thought you might want to know this so your people don’t look like such buffoons next time; although I’m sure they’ll find a way to do just that, in spite of my help.

Speaking of buffoons, how did the 18 clowns who tried to enter the Senate gallery with sample jars full of feces manage to poop into such small containers without making one hell of a mess?  Come to think of it, if I was dumb enough to let you pay me $2,200.00 a month to show up and cause a ruckus over something I knew nothing about I’d probably be dumb enough to poop in a jar for you too.  What kind of sick mind comes up with these tactics?  Was it you?


Ms. Richards, had these sick individuals been successful in avoiding security and were able to hurl their feces at legislators, did they know they would have been charged with assault?  Did they know that Planned Parenthood would have disavowed any knowledge of their actions and left them swinging in the breeze?


Next up, the predictable lawsuits from your side as you fight tooth and nail to keep your sleazy abortion mills open and keep the revenue stream flowing from the blood of dead babies.  Ms. Richards, if the work you do was for a noble cause do you think you would have to fight so hard to keep the details of what you do hidden from view?


Ms. Richards, do you not understand that the most basic of human instincts is that of self-preservation?  Nature gave us the ability to feel pain so we could respond to threats to our wellbeing.  Babies are able to feel pain within 8 weeks of fertilization.  Late-term babies feel the excruciating pain of being ripped apart by an abortionist and yet you fight to be allowed to continue this practice.


Based on the scientific certainty that procedures such as dilation and evacuation cause unimaginable suffering for the child being killed, I have only 1 question for someone like you who endorses and fights for the right to continue this procedure.  Why?


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