Letter to President Obama #17

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500


Attn:    President Barack Obama


June 22, 2013

Mr. President:



You and every other person on earth in favor of abortion were allowed to be born.  From my perspective the ultimate hypocrisy is living one’s life and then deciding which innocent child is allowed to be born and which one is to be killed.  This hypocrisy is further deepened by the absurd justifications you and your pro-abortion compatriots try to sell to a generally uninformed and clueless public in a lame attempt to put a happy face on the brutal killing of babies.


Mr. President, when you made the statement that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act “would unacceptably restrict women’s health and reproductive rights and is an assault on a woman’s right to choose,” you showed the world that not only are you a world class purveyor of BS, but that you place no value on the lives of innocent children.  Sir, how can you justify the brutal killing of any child, especially one that has developed to the stage that medical science has proven that it is capable of feeling the agony inflicted upon it by the barbaric procedure employed to kill it?


Capital punishment for the most egregious crimes in America is mitigated by the 7th Amendment to the Constitution in order to preclude the imposition of cruel and unusual punishment, yet the innocent children of America are literally poisoned and dismembered while alive in their mother’s womb.  Where is their justice?  Mr. President, more American children will be summarily executed by Planned Parenthood this year by a factor of countless thousands than all the convicted criminals since our country’s founding.  Maybe it’s just me, but somewhere along the way we seem to have gotten our priorities totally screwed up.


Let’s try this on for size:  Any State that has banned or imposed a moratorium on capital punishment must also ban or place a moratorium on abortion.  Shouldn’t our unborn children be afforded the same right to life as those convicted of committing the most heinous of crimes?  While I admit my proposal isn’t foolproof, you must admit it posits a compelling dilemma.  Do you spare a hardened criminal yet kill an innocent baby; Mr. President, do you see where I’m going here?  What’s the worst that could happen; thousands of children get to live?


Mr. President, all I’m trying to say is abortion is never the solution and always the problem.  Life brings with it unlimited potential and light.  Death brings with it pain and suffering; promoting darkness.  Choose life.





cc: Planned Parenthood

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