Letter to President Obama #25

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500


Attn:    President Barack Obama


July 2, 2013

Mr. President:



With Independence Day rapidly approaching, what better time could there be to declare the independence of our unborn and newly born children?  Sir, Natural Law, wherein our Creator endowed humanity with certain unalienable Rights, including Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness cannot rationally exclude our living, but yet to be born children.


Mr. President, our Founders advocated these Rights for the masses, and all Americans of good conscience are morally obligated to advocate and protect these Rights for our children.  Sir, are you with us or against us?


Natural Law and the law of man universally hold the premeditated murder of any human being as a violation of law and all that is just and right.  Mr. President, the intentional killing of an unborn living child by an abortionist is no less a crime against humanity than the ‘murder for hire’ execution of an innocent man by a paid killer.


Mr. President, the tragedy at Sandy Hook took the lives of 20 innocent children and our nation was justifiably outraged.  Today, Planned Parenthood will kill over 1,000 unborn children without a single photo-op or statement of outrage from your administration.  Is the killing of a living, unborn child at any stage in its prenatal development any less a murder of an innocent human being than that of an innocent child in school?


Sir, choices come with consequences.  The consequences of a woman’s choice to abort her baby are the death of an innocent child and a lifetime of second guessing and possible reproductive health issues for the mother.  The consequences of a doctor choosing to become an abortionist are a medical professional who took an oath to ‘First Do No Harm’ becoming a mass murderer.  And the consequences of a President who chooses to look the other way and do nothing are the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent children every year.


Mr. President, much to the chagrin of you and your friends at Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry has gotten a lot of negative press recently.  The exposure of monsters like Kermit Gosnell and the efforts of several States to severely restrict or ban abortion are shedding an unflattering light on the Holy Grail for liberals; the legal killing of  our unborn children.


I’m standing up for independence and the Right to life for all our children and grandchildren.  There’s plenty of room on my side and everyone is welcome.


cc: Planned Parenthood

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