Letter to President Obama #35

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C.  20500


Attn:    President Barack Obama


July 29, 2013

Mr. President:


You and your friends in the abortion industry are constantly beating your chests and proclaiming your support for a woman’s right to choose.  What exactly is a woman’s right to choose?  Does a woman have the right to have another living, human being killed simply by asking that it be done and paying a fee to seal the deal?


Sir, for the sake of argument, let’s accept the premise that a woman does have the right to have another human being killed at her discretion; specifically, a baby growing inside her.  Does a woman’s authority to have the baby growing inside her killed have a time limit?  Is she good to go from the moment of conception right up to the instant before the child is born; or even right after?  Should she still be able to have her baby killed even if it is viable and capable of living outside her body?


Mr. President, the fact of the matter is that you, the pro-abortion crowd, and the abortion industry are operating under a false premise, and you know it.  No human being has the right to choose to have another human being killed, period.  Sir, any living human being at any stage of its life is no less valuable and has no less a Right to life than any other human being.


Sir, during the hour it took me to compose this letter, about 140 unborn children were killed by America’s abortion mills.  The tally keeps adding up, hour by hour, day by day.  These innocent children have done nothing wrong.  They are nothing less than God’s latest gifts to the world striving to complete their journey to birth and beyond.  American’s are rejecting these gifts at a breakneck pace and the value of a human life and the fee charged to end one has been set at anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.


Mr. President, the leader of a free country has the moral obligation to do everything in his or her power to insure that every living human being within the realm of their influence is allowed to express and experience their Right to life.  By this standard, as well as many others, you have failed miserably.


Mr. President, should you decide to fight for the lives of our unborn and newly born children, I promise to help you in any way I can.


Your response to my concerns, while not expected, would be greatly appreciated.

cc: Planned Parenthood

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