Letter to NARAL #1

NARAL Pro-Choice America

1156 15th Street

Suite 700

Washington, D.C.  20005


Attn:    Ilyse Hogue



August 23, 2013

Ms. Hogue:



I have a low tolerance for intellectual dishonesty.  When it comes to abortion you’re either pro-life or pro-abortion.  There is no middle ground between life and death.  You’re either alive or dead.  Saying you’re pro-choice means that you’re in favor of abortion but lack the courage or intellectual honesty to state the obvious.  Therein lies the false premise of the very name of your organization.


Your website posits the query; what is choice?  Choice, in the context of abortion, means choosing whether another living human being should be allowed to live or die.  Under the abortion tab on your website you state the following: “We believe that women should have option to choose abortion.”  Aside from the obvious grammatical error in this statement, the hypocrisy is mind-numbing.  Why should a woman have the option to arbitrarily have a separate, unique, living human being that temporarily resides in her body killed? The hypocrisy; every mother that elects to have her baby killed was allowed to be born herself.


Unlike you, I believe that life begins at conception.  I believe that every new life is a child of God, just like you, me, and every other human being in the world.  An unborn child is just as alive and deserving of life as you, me, and every other human being.  Killing an innocent child at any stage of its life is wrong and contrary to any moral or ethical standard of any civilized society.


Ms. Hogue, at what point in a child’s development should a mother not be allowed to choose to have it killed?  As I write this I have 2 grandsons; 1 at 2 ½ years old and 1 at 13 days old.  Just like an unborn child, they still depend on their mother to stay alive.  My daughter could have chosen to have either of my grandsons killed before they were born, while they depended on her to support their lives.  Should she choose to neglect her children for just a few days, neither could survive now.   What I’m saying is that I fail to see the distinction between killing your child before it is born or after.  In my eyes you’re still killing a human being, regardless of its stage of development.


Ms. Hogue, I’m not a religious fanatic or someone who stalks abortion clinics.  I’m just a flawed human just like everyone else; probably more flawed than most.  I do, however, believe with all my heart that killing unborn children is an affront to the will of our Creator and that the consequences for a society that allows this to continue will be commensurate to the evil they perpetrate.


Get used to getting letters from me.  We have a lot to talk about.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll be publishing my letters to you in my pro-life blog at prolifepoppop.com. If you choose to reply, I’ll publish your replies as well


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