Letter to President Obama #41

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Attn:    President Barack Obama

September 2, 2013

Mr. President:

I have the day off from my paying job today so it gives me time to focus on my unpaid job of fighting to end abortion.  In my letters to you, other politicians, and members of the abortion industry I state my case for life.  In stating my case for life my children and grandchildren are my point of reference.  I feel that grandparents have a unique point of perspective on life, having lived a good portion of theirs, welcomed their own children into the world, and then experienced the gift of welcoming their children’s children as well.

Mr. President, Holidays like today are special days for us in the pro-life community.  Not only do we get to spend time with our families, but we do so in the comfort that most of America’s abortion mills will be closed.  Over 3,000 doomed children are getting a 1 day reprieve in America today.  Without a miracle, most of them will die tomorrow.  I believe in miracles.  I’m a miracle and so is every other human being on the planet.  The 3,000 living, unborn children slated to die tomorrow in America’s abortion mills are no less a miracle than you or I.  They deserve the same chance to make their mark on the world that we were given.

I’m praying for a sick out at Planned Parenthood tomorrow.  I’m praying that every abortionist spending time with his or her family today will take a sick day tomorrow and reassess their life’s trajectory.  I’m praying that all the mothers scheduled to walk into an abortion clinic tomorrow will take today to contemplate the finality of having an abortion; to understand that they will be having the human being growing inside them killed, and that they have options that will allow the life developing inside them to run its natural course.

Mr. President, you have options too.  You can reverse your stance as the most pro-abortion President in history and change the world in an instant.  While you continue to waffle on your response to the chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians, you’ve never waffled on your support for abortion and even allowing children who survive botched abortions to die.  Sir, the thousands of American children that will die in America’s abortion mills tomorrow will never celebrate Labor Day.  They’ll never get a chance to play in the rain or be the guest of honor at their first birthday party.

Mr. President, while you play golf and hide behind Congress when it comes time to make tough decisions, the slaughter of American children continues day in and day out.  Since you’re now in your 5th year as President how about stepping up and finally doing right by every American citizen, including those yet to be born.

cc: Planned Parenthood

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