Letter to Md. Board of Physicians #1

Maryland Board of Physicians

4201 Patterson Ave.

Baltimore, Md.  21215

September 7, 2013


As a citizen of the Socialist Republic of Maryland, I have one question for your organization.  What standards and guidelines do you follow to determine the professional and ethical competency of a physician licensed to practice medicine in my state?  Judging from your recent decision to lift the suspension of abortionist Iris Dominy, I can only assume that you have none.  Just how many botched abortions, resulting in the deaths of both a mother and child, do you feel a so-called ‘doctor’ should be allowed to get away with in Maryland?  In your defense, you did suspend her license to practice medicine for nearly 4 months.

Our state has a reputation as one of the most abortion-friendly states in the country.  Displays of abject ineptitude by your Board Members, like lifting the suspension of a negligent killer so she can kill again, confirms that our reputation is warranted. Gentlemen, at the time of her suspension this butcher didn’t even hold a current CPR certification.  By lifting Iris Dominy’s suspension you have enabled the killing of God knows how many more innocent children and virtually insured that more mothers will also die.

The State of Maryland owes its citizens, especially those of us on the pro-life side, an explanation as to why in 2006 it stopped reporting the number of abortions performed in our state.  I’m thinking it has something to do with the number and type of abortions you allow.  The citizens of Maryland should be able to trust their regulatory authorities to perform their duties in a manner consistent with generally accepted standards of professional comportment.  Allowing incompetent physicians to perform abortions in disgusting, third-world conditions is a violation of that trust.

I’m a small town guy and not nearly as sophisticated as a Board Member sitting on the Md. Board of Physicians, but I do have a standard that I would apply for allowing a physician to practice in Maryland.  If I would be comfortable with this physician treating my child or grandchild, I would have no problem licensing them to practice medicine in my state.  Gentlemen, would you be willing to entrust the care of your family members to Iris Dominy?

My letters to the Md. Board of Physicians are being published on my pro-life blog at www.prolifepoppop.com.  Should you choose to reply to any of my letters, I’ll publish your reply with no editing on my part.

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