April 3, 2014

In my daily struggle to end abortion, I know the only way to get my message out is to find a way to expose my work to as many people as possible.  I can write until the cows come home, but if nobody reads it what have I accomplished?  Anyone who has read any of my prior posts knows that I believe every unborn child deserves the right to be born.  I can sincerely say that if anything I write changes even one mind or saves one life I can look back on my life and consider it a life well lived.

When I began my mission to end abortion, I did so with the intention of remaining anonymous in order to preserve my privacy and to let my words speak for themselves.  Once I began sharing my posts on Facebook and Twitter the anonymity and privacy quickly went away.  I’m OK with that.  I stand behind everything I write and don’t care who knows that I wrote it.  To my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, if you believe in what I stand for and want to help; I would respectfully ask that you share my posts and tweets.  I know that the last thing most people want to see on their wall is somebody like me talking about abortion and dead babies; but from my perspective, somebody has to.  I ask myself the same question every day: If I don’t do this, who will?

As I write this, 9 States and the District of Columbia still allow a mother to have her unborn baby killed right up to the moment of its birth.  And as I write this, I grieve for the nearly 3,500 babies killed today in America.  Today’s tiny victims were our future doctors, innovators, and world changers. Each of them received their animating spark of life from a Power none of us can fully comprehend.  They were all infused with unlimited potential and each of them was intended by their Creator to transform their animating spark of life into a perfect expression of His will.  Most of my fellow Americans go about their daily lives oblivious to the slaughter that continues day after day.  They know abortion is a generally avoided topic of conversation and prefer to keep it that way.  I understand.  There are days when I wish I could resume the life I had before I committed to the cause that I now think about every minute of every day.

At the end of all our lives we want to look back and know that we made a difference.  We want to leave the world just a little better off because we were here.  We all have worthy goals that we want to accomplish.  Most of us won’t be thinking with our dying breath about how much money we have, how big our house is, or whether we should have spent more time at the office.  If we’re lucky, we will have family and friends that loved us for who we were, whether or not they agreed with our life’s work.  The lucky ones among us will have served their fellow man in such a way that those closest to us will have chosen to continue working for our cause.

I’m committed to completing my mission in my lifetime.  I don’t want anyone to have to come in behind me to clean up my unfinished work.  I want to die knowing that I made a difference and left a world that no longer kills its children.

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