April 4, 2014

The Socialist State of Maryland, where I happen to reside, attracts the worst of the worst in the abortion industry with its liberal abortion policies and its virtually non-existent regulation of physicians.  Last July I felt it was time to reach out and touch one of the bottom-feeding baby killers my State embraces with open arms.  American Women’s Services is a rather innocuous sounding name for a business that pays the bills by killing children.  As with most of my letters, I think I can safely assume that this one didn’t get too far past the receptionist before it was unceremoniously disposed of; just like every unborn child that enters the building.


American Women’s Services

3506 N. Calvert St. Suite 110

Baltimore, Md.  21218

 July 30, 2013

 To Whom it May Concern:

If ever there was an oxymoron, it would have to be ‘gentle abortion.’  That’s how your firm describes the deadly procedures you perform when killing innocent babies.  I know the financial stakes are enormous, but at least have the courage to call what you do what it is; killing unborn children.

It seems that you and your fellow members in the abortion industry go to great pains to sanitize the descriptions of how you go about killing innocent children.  The description of surgical abortion between 14-24 weeks on your website states the following:  “When adequate dilation has occurred, the laminaria will be removed and your uterus emptied by the technique the physician feels is best for you.”  While your creative use of syntax is admirable, calling the brutal dismemberment of a living child and removing its body piece by piece from the mother’s womb “having your uterus emptied” is beyond the pale.  You also peg the redline on the BS meter when in the same sentence you state that this procedure will be performed “by the technique the physician feels is best for you.”  Apparently, in your minds, the needs of the living, but unborn child about to be killed and what is best for it are of no significance.

You also state that “Twilight sleep will be provided for all patients undergoing an abortion procedure in the second trimester.  This medication will relax you, reduce the amount of discomfort you may feel, and can inhibit memory formation.” One can only imagine the discomfort an unborn child feels as it is torn apart, piece by piece, suffering an indescribably agonizing death; but at least the mother will only feel minimal discomfort.  We all know why you administer drugs to the mother to inhibit memory formation.  What woman, whatever her stance on abortion, would want to remember the grisly details of her baby being killed in her presence?

Let’s cut to the chase.  We all know that you don’t perform abortions out of a sense of contributing to the betterment of humanity; you do it for money.  At night when you tuck your own children in and close your eyes do you ever think of the children you killed today at work?  Do you ever think of the unlimited human potential in every life that ended today at your hands?

I’m not so naïve as to believe that this letter will get past your receptionist, but I can always hope.  To whoever happens to open and read this; do you feel a sense of accomplishment and wellbeing from earning a paycheck from an organization that kills innocent children for money?

I anxiously await, but don’t expect, your reply to or rebuttal of my assertions.


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