Easter, 2014

On the day we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior, 3,500 babies are spending their last day alive in America.  Tomorrow they will die at the hands of Planned Parenthood and America’s abortion industry.  My heart breaks daily as I think about the lives that are brought to a brutal end before they are able to feel the loving embrace of a parent or grandparent.  I was called last May to bring an end to the killing, and I swore an oath to God that I would not relent until the killing ends or my life on earth has been completed.

I make no claim to being special or inspired; I am however, determined.  I want everyone to feel the love that I feel for my children and grandchildren.  I want the world to know that every life is equally as priceless as any other.  I want every child to know that it is loved and safe.  Tomorrow, as the doors swing open at America’s abortion mills I’ll be thinking about the next piece I’ll write to try and change at least one mind.  Tomorrow, 3,500 mothers of living babies will become mothers of dead babies.

Abortion solves nothing.  All abortion does is end one human life and change another one forever.  All humanity receives no benefit from the killing of an innocent child.  Every tiny human that suffers a brutal death tomorrow could have been the one that would bring all this to an end.  Life always has and always will be God’s most important creation.  In a never-ending Universe of incalculable miracles, life is the most miraculous.  And we continue to allow our children to be killed by the millions at our own peril.

There are countless people out there, far more qualified than me, to fight for the lives of our children.  But, I made a promise that I intend to keep, and I invite my friends and readers who value the sanctity of every human life to follow their own path toward saving our unborn children.  I find myself talking about my fight to end abortion with friends and acquaintances on an almost daily basis.  To those who smile and listen politely, and even those who challenge my beliefs, thanks for listening.  Give me enough time and I’ll bring you all to the pro-life side of the aisle.

The fight for the lives of our children will not be won by me, but by the combined efforts of millions of like-minded men and women.  This is a fight that must be won, and a fight that the most vulnerable among us must depend totally upon us to win on their behalf.  They’re worth it and whatever the cost, it must be paid.  The scourge we know as abortion could be brought to an end tomorrow.  All we have to do is simply stop killing our children.  It’s that simple.

I pray that this is the last Easter Sunday that will be the last Easter Sunday for any unborn child.

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