April 21, 2014

Last Summer, as my 4 day old preemie grandson fought for his life, Wendy Davis was fighting to make abortion easier in Texas.  Senator Davis had just become Planned Parenthood’s BFF with her filibuster of H.B. 2 in the Texas State Legislature; a bill that would ban the killing of pain-capable babies and hold abortion clinics to the same medical standards as any other surgical facility. Apparently, Senator Davis isn’t concerned about the quality of care women receive in abortion clinics, and obviously, she doesn’t care about the unborn children that enter the clinics with them.  In my first letter to her I asked her to hug her daughter.  I didn’t know at the time that she had given full custody of her children to her most recent ex-husband; only after he had paid off all her student debt and she had unceremoniously dumped him.  I guess she thought a husband and kids would slow her down in her race to the top.

Ms. Davis is trying to parlay her status as the abortion industry’s latest darling into a serious run for the Governorship of Texas.  As I write this she is failing miserably; currently able to garner less than 40% support from the women in her state.  Wendy Davis isn’t Governor material and she’s in the wrong state to try and pull a fast one.  When you sleep with dogs, or in her case dirty rotten baby killers, you get flees.  Senator Davis has a really bad itch.

My first of 4 letters to Wendy Davis, to date, follows.



The Honorable Wendy Davis
P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711

August 14, 2013

 Senator Davis:

What does it feel like to fight against a ban on killing pain-capable children, all so you can get your 15 minutes of fame?  As an elected official you have an ethical obligation to advocate for the positions of your constituency.  As a human being you have a moral obligation to protect and preserve the lives of the most vulnerable among us, our unborn children.

You’ve signaled that you may run for Governor of Texas.  Please run.  Run on your pro-abortion credentials and see firsthand how to lose by a landslide.  Thank God for Texas.  You picked the wrong state to try and claw your way to the top over the bodies of dead babies.  Run and show America how a politician can find fame by promoting abortion while knowing very little about the abortion industry and while accepting the industry’s blood money to promote their culture of death.

Senator Davis, I look forward to watching you try to defend your position in favor of allowing pain-capable unborn children to be aborted.  I wish you could see my 4 day old grandson, who was born 5 weeks before his due date, as he lies in an incubator getting stronger and getting closer to going home every day.  I can assure you that my grandson is pain-capable, having watched his reaction to his 3 hour blood draws.

Senator Davis, the closure of all but 5 abortion clinics in Texas, due to legislation that you fought tooth and nail against, will save countless thousands of innocent lives.  Good luck trying to justify your stance against it.  Senator, when I look at you I try to understand how a mother could fight so hard to allow other mothers to have their children killed.  I wonder if you will encourage your own daughter to have your grandchildren killed.

Senator, you can put on your happy face and say you support abortion because of your “love of liberty, the freedom to choose what your future will hold” and the clueless lemmings that follow you don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.  I really can’t blame them though, because you don’t know what you’re talking about either.  Actually, the shear ignorance, narcissism, and naïveté of this statement are stunning.  Senator Davis, “the freedom to choose what your future will hold” does not mean that an unborn child can be summarily executed in order for its mother to choose what her future will hold.

Your pro-abortion stance has made you the left’s latest rock star.  It will ultimately be your undoing.  Apparently you never got the memo that the left eats its own once they outlive their usefulness.

Senator, hug your daughter tonight and thank God that you allowed her to be born; then think, for just a moment, about the 1.2 million children the abortion industry that you support will kill in America this year.


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